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Gastroenterology Department

Improving patient communication pre and post procedure


A leading GI healthcare provider was looking for a digital solution to enhance patient engagement, better prepare patients for appointments, reduce appointment no-shows, and improve real-time post-appointment feedback capabilities with minimal need for IT team involvement

The healthcare provider found its medical staff were bogged down with various bureaucratic burdens like appointment reminder calls and standardized patient communication, spreading staff resources thin.

Leading Gastroenterology Department
Leading Gastroenterology Department

About the Client

The gastroenterology (GI) healthcare provider is part of a hospital & medical center that encompasses an ambulatory care center serving more than 3,000 patients each day, and a >300-bed hospital. The facility’s multidisciplinary approach allows patients access to preeminent physicians from virtually every medical specialty while providing quality primary care at community-based practices throughout their state.


Patient Engagement Solution

Zappix provided On-Demand Apps for this gastroenterology department as well as multiple departments within their parent organization. Combine with proactive outreach, Zappix On-Demand Apps created an automated appointment confirmation process allowing patients to confirm, cancel, or reschedule their GI appointments. Timely preparation materials tailored to specific medical regimens are also automatically sent to patients via email and text message exactly when they need it, removing the potential for handouts to be lost and increasing the likelihood patients follow proper preparation procedures.

Digital surveys sent to patients the day after appointments improve patient care and outcomes while monthly newsletters and reminders are sent to patients with referrals to properly educate them about the importance of gastroenterology check ups and encourage them to book appointments.

The Right Messaging at the Right Time​

Throughout the week preceding an appointment, Zappix automated patient engagement alerts patients of what medication to take and where to pick it up, the importance of fiber and water intake, directions and parking information for their procedure location, reminders at scheduled intervals the day of their procedure, and a follow up message after the appointment with a health check-in or satisfaction survey.

7 Days Before Procedure

7 days before procedure notification

3 Days Before Procedure

2 Days Before Procedure

1 Day Before Procedure

Day Of Procedure

Day Of Appointment

Post Procedure Survey

Post Appointment Survey

Key Features

Zappix digital patient engagement solutions resolve multiple forms of patient interactions. including:

  • Digital Reminders + Guides Automatically deliver the information patients need exactly when they need it
  • Registration + Referrals Add new patients and generate revenue with referral reminders
  • Mobile On-Demand Apps The most convenient solution accessible to patients 24/7 via text message, email, and any other digital platform
  • Appointment Confirmation Text message reminders connect to a rich, app-like experience to automatically confirm, cancel, or update schedules
  • Digital Surveys Stay connected to the voice of your patients and quickly identify improvement areas
  • Monthly Newsletters Achieve better results with chronic patients and actively reduce patient leakage

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Patient Prep Rate
Better Outcomes: Digital patient engagement delivers the right message at the right time through patients’ preferred device to increase the number of patients properly prepared for procedures by 33%, improving patient outcomes.
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Appointment No-Show Reduction

Appointment Success: Digital appointment confirmation procedures reduced appointment no-show rates by 66%, keeping slots filled and allowing staff to reschedule appointments when necessary.

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Survey Response Rate

Real-Time Feedback: Over 25% of patients engaged with short, informative post-procedure surveys to directly improve patient experience.


  • Increased number of patients coming properly prepared to GI appointments by 33%
  • Thousands of appointments booked with digital referral service targeting patients with a referral and no appointment scheduled
  • Reduction of no-shows by 66%
  • Eliminated the need to mail paper preparation handouts to patients, greatly reducing staff effort
  • Increased revenue from higher rate of booked appointments
  • High response rate to post-procedure surveys (over 25%), providing the gastroenterology department with meaningful real-time feedback from patients
  • Improved patient outcomes with end-to-end patient engagement
  • Ability to make changes and updates within 48-hours (updating staff profiles, business hours, etc)

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