The Consumerization of Patient Engagement

How modern CX is shaping the present & future of patient engagement.

Today’s patients are bringing expectations from the consumer market into their healthcare interactions and healthcare providers, hospitals, and health systems must increase investment in the process of merging customer & patient engagement mindsets to compete.

Five critical areas of influence must be at the top of the priority list: treating patients as consumers, planning a modern patient journey, prioritizing the digitization of patient touchpoints, working in a phased approach, and striving for continuous improvement.

  1. Patients as Consumers — 33% of patients whose experiences didn’t live up to their expectations said they were “less likely to seek care next time”.
  2. Plan the Patient Journey — from initial interaction to final discharge, every step or touchpoint must be analyzed and properly deployed.
  3. Prioritize the Right Touchpoints — automation and digitization are critically important, but human empathy and live interactions must remain.
  4. Consider the Phased Approach — by improving patient touchpoints over time, health systems can create fast ROI without disrupting the way staff work throughout the day.
  5. Foster Continuous Improvement — digital patient feedback and staff input work together to identify areas better action items for health systems.

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