4 Signs Visual IVR Customer Service Is Perfect For Your Business

4 Signs Visual IVR Customer Service Is Perfect For Your Business

The digital revolution is sweeping across business departments. For many companies, that revolution leads directly to Visual IVR.

Today’s customers want fast service available when they need it, wherever they are, and preferably through a self-service option.

Visual IVR gives customers calling your contact center the option of viewing service options visually on their smartphone instead of using traditional voice IVR. The entire experience can be automated from beginning-to-end to deflect unnecessary calls away from contact center agents and provide self-service options to customers.

Excellent customer service stems from a commitment to providing the best customer journey possible. Today’s premiere CX leaders know the signs of great customer experience and are driving their businesses towards service success. In many cases, Visual IVR is the best stepping stone on that path to success. Learning the signs these leaders look for can help determine if Visual IVR is the right solution for your business as well.

“Today’s premiere CX leaders know the signs of great customer experience, and are driving their businesses towards customer service success.”

1. Customers Are Calling Your Contact Center Agents

Visual IVR uses rich, visual menus to infuse CX with the modern on-demand service experience customers want to see from the best customer service departments. When customers call contact centers they can be instantly connected to a modern experience.

Many companies with impressive digital capabilities still see calls to their contact centers. When traditional voice IVR is the only option for customers calling in, those customers miss the digital experience they expect out of a modern CX. Bring today’s convenience to customers calls by moving from voice to visual.

2. You’ve Identified Specific Reasons For Most Calls

The Pareto Principle (a.k.a. The 80/20 rule) states that for many events, 80% of results are generated by only 20% of causes. In customer service that means that most companies see 80% of contact center calls revolve around the same 20% of customer questions.

Visual IVR targets the most common reasons customers are calling your agents in order to magnify its effectiveness. By providing Visual IVR solutions to the most prominent customer questions, businesses can quickly and efficiently improve CX and the customer journey.

3. Those Calls Are Resolved Through Defined Processes

Modern convenience is powered by automation. With Visual IVR, automating traditionally manual processes is easier than it has ever been. Robust Visual IVR interfaces gather information directly from customers, bypassing the need for agent interactions, and send that information to Robotic Process Automation (RPA) bots through defined processes for fast, cost-effective customer self-service.

It might take an agent a couple of minutes to look up a customer invoice, export that invoice as a PDF, collect a customer’s contact information, attach the PDF to an email, and send that email to a customer. RPA powered by Visual IVR can complete the same process in milliseconds, greatly improving CX and saving companies money.

4. Your Business Is Committed To Digital Transformation

The automation potential of Visual IVR, combined with the customer satisfaction inherent to the immediate, personalized experiences, makes Visual IVR the perfect addition to any business’ digital transformation project.

Visual IVR quickly transforms legacy voice IVR interactions into rich, digital interactions utilizing the full power of smartphones and modern technology. The powerful combination of CX and automation makes Visual IVR a must-add for truly digital organizations.

The Perfect Time For Visual IVR

Our modern existence is defined by on-demand convenience. Over 42% of American adults (86.5 million people) have joined the On-Demand Economy (services like AirBnB, Uber, and others) and by the end of 2019 mobile phone usage will balloon to over4.6 billionusers. Technology and mobile phones have put answers to our questions and solutions to our needs just a tap away.

Business across the US and around the world have unlocked new potential and transformed their contact center CX thanks to the on-demand power ofVisual IVR.Instant availability and automated self-service meet and exceed modern customer expectations.

Any business that receives customer service calls can benefit from the call deflection offered by Visual IVR. Results are seen quickly when the technology is implemented for the most common use cases, and the combination of Visual IVR and RPA creates impressive automation for call resolutions that depend on repetitive, defined processes.

Adding Visual IVR to your business’ digital transformation project is a key step on the path towards customer service success in our modern world.

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