BPOs Find Real ROI In Self Service Visual IVR

BPOs Find Real ROI In Self Service Visual IVR

A new business model for self-service automation is maintaining profits and helping Business Process Outsourcers stand out from the competition.

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Today’s digitally connected, instant-gratification society demands fast responses and smooth experiences. Modern consumers expect service in seconds using self-service, automated solutions.

To stay relevant in the On-Demand Economy, business process outsourcers must deliver the kinds of mobile, engaging experiences consumers demand and BPO customers are looking for.

“Combined with a transformative new business model, emerging technology is providing everything BPOs want: more customers AND more profit

Legacy IVR trees and live agent responses have served BPOs well for years, but in a world where ordering a taxi, booking a place to stay, or getting food delivered is as easy as tapping a button on our phones, these experiences feel slow and standardized. Critically, segments like business process services (BPS) are becoming key differentiators for modern outsourcers that have invested in emerging technology like Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and On-Demand customer service solutions. To stand out from the pack and attract new customers, BPOs must adopt and integrate these new, exciting technologies into their offering portfolio.

Catch 22

For BPOs built around a transactional business model, this drive for automation and streamlined experiences can be difficult to balance with the need for growth and profitability. More automation means more new customers and key differentiation in a crowded marketplace, but less time spent per call can potentially mean lower revenue. That’s obviously not a desirable result. BPOs must stay relevant to our digital marketplace, but cannot sacrifice the bottom line to get there.

On-Demand Solutions

Two emerging technologies are combining with a classic business strategy to provide the perfect solution for business process outsourcers. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has established itself as the best automation solution for most business cases, and Visual IVR has brought legacy IVR trees into the 21st century with the usefulness of an instantly available app without the need for consumers to download anything.

Combined with a transformative new business model, the emerging tech can provide everything BPOs want: more customers, new revenue sources AND more profit. Digital, automated solutions are providing small and medium-sized BPOs brand new growth opportunities and opening the door to larger and faster scaling than ever before. This new business model is helping BPOs in every segment offer modern solutions while differentiating their offering and maintaining profitability. The best part for BPOs: this new technology and business strategy is most directly relevant to the most high-value business processes like F&A, purchasing, and customer service, where services providers can integrate digital technologies.

How To Make Automation The New Profit Center

Staying relevant to prospects and current customers can be challenging for BPOs in our constantly changing digital world. Balancing new automation and bottom line business goals is a constantly shifting task for BPO business leaders. Find out how modern outsourcers are striking the perfect balance between tech and profits in a new white paper from Zappix:

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