Patient Engagement: the Key Competitive Advantage

Patient Engagement: the Key Competitive Advantage

The impact of technology, automation, and our on-demand economy has been felt across every business and organization. For hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare providers, the result has been a sharp need to focus on patient engagement and proactive communication.

Patients are starting to weigh their healthcare decisions the same way they decide on what car to buy or which insurance company to choose. When today’s healthcare providers deliver state-of-the-art engagement patients develop better relationships and are more likely to stay loyal and connected to their provider, become more invested in their healthcare and see better healthcare outcomes, and miss fewer appointments, saving providers money that would otherwise be lost. As we all get used to fast, digital solutions in our consumer interactions, our modern culture will begin to expect the same level of automation and digitization from our healthcare.

“As we all get used to fast, digital solutions in our consumer interactions, our modern culture will begin to expect the same level of automation and digitization from our healthcare.”

What Is Patient Engagement?

Patient engagement involves encouraging patients to be better involved in their own care to help improve health outcomes, drive better patient care, and achieve lower costs. It combines a patient’s knowledge, skills, ability, and willingness to manage their own care with communications designed to promote positive behaviors. Patients want to be engaged in their healthcare decision-making process, and those who are engaged in their care tend to be healthier.

Providers moving to digital communications, proactive reminders, and information hubs have leaned into our society’s push to be better informed. Patients want to learn more about their healthcare and appreciate the ability to communicate and interact with their doctors, clinics, and hospitals on their time, through the channels they prefer.

Benefits of Patient Engagement

When healthcare providers deliver digital information and focus on patient engagement, they begin to develop a relationship with patients that echoes the benefits of the modern consumer’s relationship with retailers and other businesses. Both patients and providers benefit from closer, more connected communication:

  • Increased patient knowledge and understanding encourages them to become actively engaged in their own health, well-being, and healthcare choices, leading to improved care and fewer hospital visits
  • In addition to improving care, patient engagement also has financial benefits as it reduces no-shows, aids in increasing revenue, and maintains your patient base
  • By collaborating and engaging with patients in the decision-making process, healthcare providers can make better decisions regarding a patient’s health improving the patient-provider relationship and overall patient retention
  • Physicians are better able to treat patients in the most effective way possible, ultimately becoming more time and cost-efficient

Digital Transformation for Patient-Facing Platforms

Healthcare providers have already begun digitizing backend record keeping and other file management. The next step in the digitization process is focusing on patient-facing systems. Moving to the next level of patient satisfaction is the perfect time to deployZappix solutions.At Zappix our core mission is to make digitization and automation a faster and easier transformation for healthcare providers. On-Demand Patient Engagement Solutions pair seamlessly with legacy telephony systems and EMRs already in place.

Zappix solutions follow four key principles: speed, simplicity, mobility, and automation. These principles guide the experiences we build for end-users and also play a vital role in how we work with our customers. Every Zappix solution is simple to integrate, can be implemented quickly, meets customers wherever they are, and enhances efficiency with purposefully planned automation capabilities.

On-Demand Apps, Personalized Outbound Engagement and Visual IVR and are the innovative digital assets healthcare providers are using to connect to patients in a modern way. Engage patients before appointments with automated reminders, confirmations, and scheduling to mitigate no-shows. Connect after appointments with digital surveys, post-procedure reminders, and connected FAQs and informational videos. Zappix provides easier patient connections and better patient experiences in a package that works with systems healthcare providers already utilize.