The 5 Most Important Contact Center KPIs You Should be Tracking

The 5 Most Important Contact Center KPIs You Should be Tracking

As a manager, it can seem extremely overwhelming to determine which contact center KPIs are most critical to the company’s success. In order to measure your contact center’s adequacy, let’s highlight the top five metrics to track.

When there is so much hustle and bustle going on in your contact center, how can we make sure our operational efficiency and customer satisfaction is being executed flawlessly? Contact center KPIs are extremely vital for operational managers to determine if the systems in place are effective. When reporting to C-Level managers you must have data to reinforce the decisions you are making regarding operations. This data is referred to as KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) which help determine the quality of each interaction with a customer.

In your contact center, you should use these most effective KPIs:

1. Average Handling Time (AHT)

AHT measures how long a call lasts from the moment a customer calls into your contact center, to when the agent is ready to take on a new customer. The higher this time is, the lower your CSAT is likely to be as well as the higher incurring costs for your company. You can use this to evaluate your agents and the overall system’s effectiveness.

2. Average Waiting Time (AWT)

Your average waiting time is the average amount of time that customers wait to be connected to an agent. You do not want this time to be too short or too long. A happy medium is what is best for your agents. You want them to be efficient in how they are spending their time, but also understand that you need to give an agent time to properly report the previous calls and prepare for the upcoming ones. Lowering your AWT is crucial to minimizing expenses on your contact center as well. As a customer waits on a line, costs are accruing as they are on hold to be serviced.

3. Cost Per Call (CPC)

You can use this CPC to measure the total cost of each call that is incurred at your contact center. For this reason, you should keep a close eye on your AHT and FCR to make sure your costs are under control. Eventually, the minutes on the phone add up, and your center spends a few cents each second spent on a call. Using tools such asZappix Visual IVRcan help your contact center reduce costs by deflecting common calls to a self-service solution.

4. First Call Resolution (FCR)

Resolving a caller’s issue on the first call is a surefire way to boost your reputation and customer satisfaction. Conversely, having them call different agents and explain their issues each time can result in negative feedback and them switching to a competitor. Resolving a customer problem on the first call is a major driver of cutting costs and reducing inefficiencies.

5. Customer Satisfaction (CSAT)

If a customer is calling in for assistance with a product or service from your company, the interaction with the agent is the most pertinent exchange for your company and the customer. Can your agents successfully resolve their issue in a timely manner? If not, a low CSAT score may be affecting your company’s evaluations. You must evaluate why and how it can be fixed internally to produce better results. The most effective way to find out your CSAT score is through customer satisfaction surveys hosted at the end of a call. This is an ideal way for you to find out about:

a. the quality of service your agents are providingb. what problems may have arisen during the interactionc. any suggestions on how these issues can be addressed

After addressing these problems you can now strategize a way to overcome these obstacles to drive better customer satisfaction outcomes.

Choosing what KPIs you prioritize can be hard, but it is important to narrow them down to solidify a well structured contact center. We at Zappix recognized the importance of these KPIs when we developed our solutions. Helping our clients improve their call handling processes and improving their customers’ experience is our goal. Zappix Self-Service Solutions help boost your KPIs by deflecting calls to an On-Demand App to provide that Self-Service feature to reduce your waiting time, lower your costs per call, and improve customer experience. Our agent assist feature allows agents to cut your average handling time by allowing a fast transfer of necessary information with a simple solution. An easy implemented solution can improve efficiency in your contact center swiftly.