The Zappix Visual IVR offering makes is easier to build an integrated cloud IVR and Visual IVR experience with Twilio IVR integration. The Integrated Voice and Visual IVR authoring experience allows companies to easily build an omni-channel Visual IVR/Voice IVR experience reducing time to market and increasing customer satisfaction.

BURLINGTON, MASS. (PRWEB) Jan 18, 2017 — Zappix, a smartphone Visual IVR software innovator, has announced that is has integrated Twilio into its Visual IVR building and authoring tool. The new integration with Twilio is aimed at reducing time to market and increasing customer satisfaction on building and deploying a Voice IVR combined with a Visual IVR.
The new offering makes it easier for contact center customers to build in integrated cloud-based IVR and Visual IVR with a drop and drop user interface supporting Twilio and other cloud-based vendors.
The Twilio in-depth integration opens new capabilities of voice and visual omnichannel experience by utilizing a vast number of features and functionality, combining voice, visual and omnichannel experience opens new capabilities never seen before, addressing customer interaction from inception to resolution with all available permutations.
Building a Zappix smartphone Visual IVR that together with the Twilio IVR using the Zappix Drag and Drop authoring tools makes empires contact centers of any size to improve customer service, reduce call volume related costs, and increase customer satisfaction and Net Prompter Score™ (NPS).
“We are delighted to release this new functionality to the market, as the omnichannel customer interaction is expanding the market. Zappix is now capable of addressing from small to very extensive and complex user interactions scenarios utilizing simultaneous voice and data manipulation.“ Says Avner Schneur, Zappix CEO.
The Zappix Visual IVR system offers a better call experience for customers in multiple verticals with a visual representation of an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) call menu on a smartphone or computer screen to offer customers visual self-service. The new IVR and Visual IVR authoring tool from Zappix facilitates contact centers to offer consumers better way to interact with customer service compared to the old voice menus. Customers from any vertical can use existing Visual IVR templates to build and launch a contact center solution in a short time frame.
Customers calling from their smartphone can now utilize a better visual call experience during the call by utilizing the smartPhone display and simply select responses by touch from the list of options displayed on their screen from order status, tracking order, tracking returns, initiating returns are more, all during a voice call.
“Zappix transforms the consumer experience by providing a smartphone visual and self-service option that works as a native iPhone or Android App as well as an HTML 5 web app. Zappix helps customers by enhancing call center operations.” Says Gal Steinberg, Zappix VP Marketing. “The new integrated Voice and Visual IVR authoring capability allows our customers to quickly build and deploy an integrated voice and Visual experience. Customers who the Zappix Visual IVR reduce AHT, increase FCR, and reduce IT costs – all with a fast time to market deployment and easy maintenance.”
The Zappix platform improves the customer experience by allowing consumers to visually navigate the phone menu support options, and to then easily select options by touch versus listening to a list of options over the phone and interacting with their voice. A contact center call made via Zappix is usually much shorter than one made via a traditional voice IVR, is easier to use and can offer many options that are not available during a standard voice call, such as filling a form, or watching a video.
About Zappix
Cloud-based Zappix Visual IVR is a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution for web or cross-platform mobile apps. Offering omni-channel, customer service communications, Zappix enables businesses to rapidly deploy a highly intuitive, extremely interactive smartphone visual IVR app to improve customer care, reduce contact center costs and increase Net Promoter Scores™.
Fast-growing Zappix currently provides hundreds of contact centers with a streamlined way to empower and better serve customers. Supported organizations include insurance companies, utilities, banks, internet and mobile service providers, retailers, airlines and government agencies.
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