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Zappix offers an AI-Powered Digital Engagement Platform that transforms customer interactions through Digital Outreach, Digital Self-Service, and Digital Agent Assist. 

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Zappix Products

Digital Outreach


Connect with your customers at exactly the right moment through SMS, email, or whichever channel suits your customers best.

Revolutionize your customer engagement and dramatically increase campaigns’ success with Zappix’s cutting-edge technology engine. This innovative solution empowers enterprises to digitally connect with their customers through targeted text messages, emails, and outbound calls, all seamlessly orchestrated by automated workflows.


Digital Self-Service

empower customers

Deflect calls away from voice channels and live agents by providing omnichannel Digital Self-Service designed to meet the needs of modern customers.

Transform your customer service landscape with Digital Self-Service – where efficiency meets results. Revolutionize your approach, reduce costs, and elevate customer satisfaction with a solution designed to meet the demands of the modern, digitally empowered consumer.

Zappix Visual IVR is a revolutionary digital & visual self-service tool enabling customers to swiftly resolve their customer service needs by themselves, wherever they are, and without getting lost in complex voice IVR menu trees or talking to a Call Center Representative (CSR).

Digital Agent Assist


Accelerate agent productivity with in-call intelligence, smart self-service modules, and workflow process automation

Digital Agent Assist optimizes every agent interaction.  Revolutionize customer engagement with Zappix’s innovative solution to empower agents, enhance call handling, and elevate customer satisfaction. Digital Agent Assist delivers digital self-service automation tools from the agents directly to customers via text and email messages, providing a seamless and efficient interaction experience.

Self-Service Solutions for a Smartphone Culture

Our increasingly mobile-oriented society demands Zappix customer service automation solutions

Cost Reduction

Zappix self-service solutions deliver end-to-end automation, reducing calls to live agents, as well as average handling time (AHT) to lower costs.

Customer Satisfaction

Customers are happier using Zappix. Effective and efficient self-service solves problems quickly and easily through any digital channel.

Revenue Growth Opportunities

Targeted promotional banners integrated directly into Visual IVR menus create upsell opportunities.

Improved KPIs

Lower AHT, increased CSAT, improved NPS scores, increased first call resolution (FCR), and shorter time to resolution.

Agent Empowerment

End-to-end automation frees up agents to focus on complex interactions where their skills deliver the most value.


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In today's fast-paced world, customer service is more than just resolving issues—it's about delivering exceptional experiences that foster loyalty and satisfaction. As call centers continue to evolve, the role of digital tools in optimizing agent interactions has become increasingly crucial....
In the dynamic customer service landscape, businesses constantly seek innovative ways to enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and elevate customer satisfaction. Enter the era of Digital Self-Service—a transformative solution that addresses these challenges and propels customer support into the future....
In the dynamic customer service landscape, businesses constantly seek innovative solutions to connect with their customers seamlessly. One such groundbreaking approach is digital outreach, which encompasses targeted text messages, emails, and automated robocalls orchestrated by automated workflows. This transformative tool empowers enterprises to enhance customer interactions, preempt service calls, and...