3 Reasons Retail Needs Visual IVR

3 Reasons Retail Needs Visual IVR

Visual IVR provides immediate solutions, passionate users, and transformative technology for retailers.

Customers carry amazing potential in their pockets, thanks to our mobile-oriented culture. Smartphones empower consumers to achieve most goals on their own. They are opting for self-service options that are often faster and more direct than speaking with live people.

There is a breakdown. When customers call traditional IVR, they are met with a convoluted system of menus that continually frustrates users until they are finally transferred to a live agent. Enterprises have tried to bridge the gap with apps, but customers don’t want unnecessary downloads they may never use. Retailers have been searching for a better solution.

Now they have one.

Zappix Visual IVR technology and On-Demand functionality leverages the full power of smartphones to transform the user journey.

“The visual experience solutions see a call containment rate of 75%. That means the majority of callers don’t even need a live agent. They find answers on their own directly inside the Visual IVR.”

Immediate Solutions

300 seconds per call

Passionate Users

(NPS) of 91

Transformative Technology

increase call containment by 75%

Best of all for enterprises, visual menus mean every customer care call can become an upsale opportunity. Place targeted promotional banners in menus and self-service forms to turn a traditionally resource-intensive process into a revenue-generating moment.

On Demand technologygives consumers the app-like experience they love with high-tech, virtual convenience. Intuitive visual menus guide users to solutions quickly and easily, avoiding the need for live agents and creating an enjoyable customer experience. Throughout the new Visual IVR process, enterprises can promote new offerings with targeted promotional banners. Smartphone technology pairs with Zappix functionality to transform the user experience during contact center interactions for the benefit of enterprises and consumers alike.

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