3 Ways to Maximize Productivity in Your Contact Center for the Holiday Rush

3 Ways to Maximize Productivity in Your Contact Center for the Holiday Rush

As As the holiday season approaches, every team starts to feel that seasonal spike in business. While many people find this time to be very exciting and joyful, for some employees it is the time of year that their most demanding work is anticipated.

The customer service industry is overflowing with calls streaming in regarding returns, order status, or problems with the item they received. Making sure customers’ Christmas day is filled with smiles lies largely on the backs of agents to ensure they are satisfied.

This time of year is when contact centers need to perform efficiently, while not burning their agents out and allowing them to enjoy the holiday season also. Here are three tips we see successful contact centers using to promote efficiency and saving costs for their business.

1. Visual Self-Service Option

In addition to an increase in calls to your contact centers, your costs are also anticipated to rise. How can we easily deflect some of those easy-to-answer questions? Common use cases can now be deflected to self-service where customers no longer have to connect with an agent to complete their inquiry. The leading Self Service provider,Zappix, has a solution that allows agents to focus more of their time and attention on complex cases. This is likely to be when human intervention is likely more needed. They deflect common inquiries to their On-Demand app where customers can find answers to most of their concerns. In the customer service industry, there is increasing pressure for self-service options desired by consumers. They want to answer their problems quickly and easily at the tip of their fingers. Waiting for an agent due to increased call volumes contributes to lower overall CSAT scores.Radial, a BPO, has implemented visual self-service technology in its contact centers. They have seen faster, frictionless, and more satisfying customer experience results. By finding a self-service provider, you can easily relieve the stress of both your agents and customers.

2. Boost your productivity and CSAT with a contextual transfer feature

Customers often complain that they have to explain their problem to multiple agents before they can reach the right person. Not only does this take up time from the customer, but it also takes up large amounts of your agent’s time by repeatedly reporting the problem. Providing your contact center with software that allows the first agent to capture the user journey and then pass that information along is vital in a time like the holiday season. Lowering your AHT is a must when call volumes are at an extreme high to improve CX and lower your costs per call.

3. Multi-Channel Accessibility

Now that we have covered the benefits of visual self-service, let’s talk about how it can be accessed on any channel and on any device using certain software. Providing your customers with a variety of channels to utilize their self-service link is a simple way to deflect those repetitive calls away from your agents. Self-service solutions like Zappix can be accessed from a variety of channels such as voice, SMS, email, websites, or QR codes. Allowing customers the flexibility to use the solution from any channel opens up your target demographic. This includes those who prefer SMS or those who choose to stick to the email format, etc. After opting into VIVR, users will receive a link to the On-Demand app they can use over and over again, deflecting repetitive calls away from your contact center to an On-Demand app such as Zappix’s.

In Conclusion

Every year, the holiday season brings the happiest and busiest times of the year. Consider implementing some of these tips to help you this season and all year round. Happy holidays!