How Digital Transformation Impacts Customer Service

How Digital Transformation Impacts Customer Service

The best digital transformation hinges on a few critical elements that combine to greatly improve CX and earn customer loyalty.

Are you working to transform your customer experience? Some companies and CEOs are under the impression modern digital transformation is all about beating their competitors in the market by attracting more customers with every fancy application and tech bling, but that philosophy misses a critical element.

A successful digital transformation isn’t just about rolling out the latest buzzword or popular feature — it’s about implementing therightsolutions for an individual businesses’ CX and customer journey. In this article we will discover a few crucial components of good customer experience solutions and what businesses should strive for in their digital transformation projects:

“A successful digital transformation isn’t just about rolling out the latest buzzword or popular feature — it’s about implementing therightsolution for an individual businesses’ CX and customer journey.”

Automation That Helps Employees

Agents face an incredible burden. Call after call after call, often repeating the same tedious exact same steps to resolve the same customer complaints, agents are required to provide positive, enjoyable service. Can you imagine how difficult the job is when agents must be friendly, happy and service-focused while feeling burned out by tedious and repetitive tasks?

The vast majority of these repetitive calls are easily automated with proven technologies like Robotic Process Automation (RPA). That’s why it is time to free agents from the burden of burnout by implementing automated solutions like RPA wherever possible. WhenDeloitte lookedat one bank’s experience implementing RPA to streamline the claims process, they found a small deployment of 85 bots running 13 processes handled 1.5 million requests per year. By adding RPA, the bank added the virtual capability equivalent to 200 full-time employees. Automation is not just about saving time but also about improving your employees time. No longer burdened by tedious claims calls, these bank employees can now spend their time on calls and meetings with customers where their human empathy and expertise can be more useful.

Data Protection A Priority

Keeping customer data safe from malicious attacks is the responsibility of every business and especially relevant to consumers today. If customer data security is compromised, modern businesses can say goodbye to customer trust (leading to lost leads and potential customers). To keep customers loyal and build trust, today’s businesses need to focus on solid data protection and ensure high security.

In any digital transformation, new tools will be added and integrated into the customer journey and each one must be built responsibly and hold customer data security as a top priority. That’s the reason why so many enterprises are making a move towards digital experience management tools for keeping their data organized. Good digital experience management tools take care of things like personalization, language translation, analytics, content management across channels, and ROI.

Good CX Is A Modern Must-Have

No matter the size of your business, you need to provide a real-time customer experience to attract potential users. Modern Customer Experience (CX) is fragmented and spread out between smartphones, chatbots, and multiple pages and FAQs on websites, as well as tools like native mobile applications stuck clamoring for more users in a crowded marketplace. There are better chances for a company to rise to the top of the CX landscape if they provide a seamless voice to digital, web and mobile experience — meeting customers on the channels they use. Just like every team member strives to achieve the company goals, these tools also need to provide an outstanding customer experience. Customers remember a bad interaction on one platform and might leave a brand before even having a chance to use a different tool. CX is becoming a vital aspect of differentiation because it cannot be implemented under marketing or sales alone.Modern CXneeds to be implemented on a full scale and top-down or bottom-up approach for every enterprise, with various tools working together to create a connected, holistic customer journey.

Summed Up

In the era of digital transformation, providing excellent customer experience is no longer a luxury or future project. It’s an essential business priority. Many CX and digital transformation vendors are here to help. Companies like RingCentral and Altimeter are making strides in modernizing traditional IVR. A new project called Contact Center 2.0 can be used by businesses in every sector to improve operations and contribute to business performance and growth. ​Moreover, tools likeVisual IVRand On-Demand Apps meet the evolving needs of customers and businesses. The digital era of contact centers signifies a complete focus on the customer services and the human side of the business along with the investments in modern technology and experiences.

Businesses today find themselves at a crucial turning point. Digital transformation poses a perfect opportunity for not just improving CX but also differentiating your company from competitors in the market. You need to adapt various methods to stay ahead. Do not compromise with your customer experience. Until then — keep learning!

Charles Richard

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