How Insurance Providers Can Embrace Digital Transformation

How Insurance Providers Can Embrace Digital Transformation

Modern customers demand fast, easy-to-access solutions to common customer service questions. To make the leap to digital, insurers should focus on this critical business strategy:

Customer experience (CX) and customer care have become one of the most critical components of customer satisfaction for every insurance provider. Today’s digital world has made digital self-service interactions commonplace, and created an expectation of speed and simplicity for insurance customers that providers must now begin to meet.

“It cannot be overstated how important it is for brands to deliver digital experiences that meet or exceed cross-industry consumer expectations,”says Peter Smith, Chief Strategy Officer for the digital insights group, Centric Digital. “There are still many opportunities for P&C insurers to improve the consumer digital experience. While we’ve seen improvement over the past year, many insurers still have a long way to go when it comes to delivering world-class digital experiences.”

“It cannot be overstated how important it is for brands to deliver digital experiences that meet or exceed cross-industry consumer expectations.”

Not All Interactions Are Equal

Some customer service functions deserve to be automated, but there are also complex, high-value interactions where customer service representatives’ human touch and personal skills are absolutely necessary. the amount of complex problem solving or human emotional intelligence needed to answer a request or solve a specific customer service issue determines the amount of added value live customer service agents bring to an interaction. Some customer service functions are simply too complicated for automation to handle effectively, or require a uniquely human perspective to accomplish.

Just a few common types of calls usually make up a large volume of interactions. By automating the clearly high-volume interactions that also become low-value calls, insurance providers can quickly create a big impact on customer satisfaction.

Phased Automation

There are two main paths for change and innovation: revolution and evolution. The first, a complete forklift upgrade of all processes and a sudden shift to new, innovative processes, can easily overwhelm and do harm to businesses that aren’t built for sudden pivots. The second, a graduatl change of mission-critical components over time, gives businesses the time to shift without disrupting different departments and creating unanticipated consequences, gives consumers time to be introduced to new technology, and allows businesses that don’t have the resources available for major forklift upgrades to still make the transition to innovative solutions.

The path forward for insurers is clearly one that includes a fast transition to digital transformation, providing the fast, agile, on-demand experiences modern consumers crave from every company they interact with. Balancing that drive for automation and innovative technology solutions with a systematic approach to development takes the right strategy and experience. That’s what Zappix does best. Our customers benefit from lightning fast implementations where it matters and our team’s experience working with on-demand technology and companies across various industries.