How The Need For Speed Improves Every Element of CX Innovation

How The Need For Speed Improves Every Element of CX Innovation


Our daily lives are filled with fast, on-demand experiences. Modern customers and business leaders alike have become accustomed to accessible solutions instantly available whenever they want. That need for speed is at the heart of digital customer service today, and at the heart of every innovative solution that Zappix offers.

To fit into today’s customer expectations of on-demand convenience, modern customer service solutions like Visual IVR must be available anytime, anywhere and deliver results as soon as possible. Likewise, the business leaders that work with Zappix have an expectation for fast turnarounds and seamlessly connected solutions. Shorter launch windows and faster implementation of changes are a critical factor to modern enterprises as they keep pace with the changing customer service landscape.

We’ve built the Zappix Studio to cater directly to this need for speed, focusing on very fast deliveries (under 4 weeks to launch, and changes made within minutes). The result is a package that delivers the fast and convenient experiences like Visual IVR that customers demand without the need to integrate into legacy systems and with zero impact on our clients’ business practices.

“The result is a package that delivers the fast and convenient experiences like Visual IVR that customers demand without the need to integrate into legacy systems and with zero impact on our clients’ business practices.”

From the start, our team at Zappix knew speed was critical to customer service success. A focus on fast solutions is built into our name. Zappix — solutions in a Zap.

On-Demand Customer Expectations

We see our technology-enhanced society constantly pushing the limits of response times every day. TheOn-Demand Economyhas driven customer expectations higher and higher every year. Consumers expect a ride to show up at the tap of an app, they expect the ability to instantly binge an entire season of TV, and they now expect customer service to respond ASAP.

According to research byHubSpot,an astounding 90% of customers say “immediate” responses to customer service questions are important. CX managers and customer service leaders must focus on providing successful service as quickly and conveniently as possible. That means prioritizing metrics like average handle time (AHT), the time to a successful resolution, and even first call resolution (FCR) — a short call isn’t a success if customers end up needing to call back more than once.

Speed For Your Customers

This search for the fastest solutions available has seen today’s customers quickly gravitating to customer service channels and services that provide the answers they need the fastest.Forresterresearch discovered customers prefer knowledge bases over all other customer service channels. The reason for the shift is obvious — there are zero delays in the process.

If a customer has a question, they don’t want to call an agent just to explain their problem to someone so they can look up the answer. Customers are trying to skip the middle man to save time. More research from Hubspot found a full “two-thirds of consumers report that themost frustratingaspect of getting customer service is waiting on hold or having to explain the same information to multiple representatives.” Waiting is the exact opposite of what customers want and anything that increases their wait times instantly creates a negative CX.

Zappix solutions deliver the speed customers are looking for wherever they’re looking for it with no delays. Visual IVR instantly delivers solutions to common customer service needs when customers call customer service — completely avoiding the need for customers to wait on hold. Requesting order status, account management, form submissions, and other common customer service use cases have never been solved faster than now thanks to digital self-service like Zappix.

The versatility of multi-channel Zappix On-Demand Apps brings that speed to every customer service interaction. Connected to the voice IVR, links embedded in emails, QR codes attached to printed material, links embedded into live chat — everywhere customers need fast solutions Zappix delivers.

Speed For Our Clients

Consumers aren’t the only ones craving fast solutions. We know our enterprise clients want fast solutions too. In a recent survey of B2B decision-makers, McKinsey found a “lack of speed in interactions with their suppliers emerged as the number-one ‘pain point,’ mentioned twice as often as price.” When launching a new native app can cost a business thousands of dollars and take months to launch, Zappix delivers the same value and usability at a fraction of the pain for business leaders.

To deliver the speed our clients want, our expert operations team learns from the Pareto principle, a.k.a. the “80/20” rule when working with new businesses. We found the vast majority of contact center or customer service departments see around about 20% of their customer service queries popping up over and over again, making up about 80% of their call volume. We encourage new Zappix clients to focus on this critical 20% of use cases first. By launching Zappix solutions for these queries, our clients decrease the time to launch and increase their rate of return. Once Zappix solutions are up and running handling the important customer service calls, our clients often expand their solutions to cover more niche interactions.

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This emphasis on targeted iterations focussed on specific use cases means a light workload for our clients and a fast turnaround for projects. Most new Zappix clients commit fewer than 15 total hours of work before their solution is up and running. Thanks to our powerful drag-and-drop Zappix studio creation tool and seamlessly integrated API capabilities, new Zappix solutions launch just 4 weeks after agreement and take just a few minutes to an hour to make changes once live.

Speed is the first pillar of Zappix innovation for a reason. Our on-demand economy has trained us all — consumers and business leaders — to expect solutions quickly. Zappix delivers on that need for speed at every level of our business. Consumers love how fast intuitive visual solutions answer their needs through any channel they choose. That speed is just as powerful for businesses who can identify the right need and launch the right Zappix solution in just a few weeks thanks to powerful tools and the Pareto principle. Find the rightZappix productfor your business today.