In Your Contact Center – What is the Most Important KPI to Monitor?

In Your Contact Center – What is the Most Important KPI to Monitor?

The core of any company is customers. Not just any customers, but happy and loyal customers that is.

Listening to current trends, specifically what your customers want, is how to create and keep those people enjoying your business and services. As technology has grown and become more accessible, people demand answers and answers now. Therefore, the longer you leave a customer waiting for an answer or waiting to solve a problem, the more they will be dissatisfied with your company’s customer service.

Acknowledging this pressure for efficient contact centers,Zappixconducted research regarding which contact center KPIs are most important. The results showed that Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) and First Call Resolution (FCR) are the two most influential metrics.

According to, the most important attribute of customer experiences is fast response times. Self Service is a simple solution to this demand of wanting answers easily and quickly. Self Service allows businesses to provide online customer support without the intervention of an agent. Over70% of customers now expect companies to offer self service options. This is no longer a “maybe”, companies should find it a necessity to provide Visual Self Service options for their customer to increase KPIs and save on costs.

Companies without a self service option typically have long waiting times, and longer handling times as they understand the issue and transfer the customer around, and therefore have lower CSAT scores. If customers are finding themselves more frustrated trying to get an answer from your company, than enjoying the product itself, you are inevitably losing revenue.

Visual Service Service provides companies with the ability to prevent and deflect those repetitive and unvarying calls to an On-Demand App, such asZappix’s. Giving your customers an option to track their order, report a stolen or missing card, get roadside assistance, etc. and at the tip of their fingers with no wait time is a powerful tool to add to your business. Doing so increases your FCR by delivering easily accessible answers to FAQs, which in turn lowers your AHT and AWT by freeing up agent time to assist with more complex inquiries. Moreover, your Customer Satisfaction and CX will see a dramatic increase when you accommodate your customer’s needs.