Shining Bright As A Customer Service Rising Star

Shining Bright As A Customer Service Rising Star

Being named one of CRM Magazine’s 2019 CRM Service Awards Rising Stars is a great honor, and the team at Zappix has much more planned.

Being named one of CRM Magazine’s 2019 CRM Service AwardsRising Starswas a great honor. The award stands as validation for the incredible year of growth and innovation 2018 became for Zappix.

Launching more than a dozen new On-Demand Customer Service solutions for industries ranging from Retail & Logistics to Healthcare & Insurance and others made 2018 a year of growth and change. It is amazing to be listed alongside companies like Avaya, SAP, Twilio, and others as winners of this award. The future is bright for the Zappix star, and we plan to shine again in 2019 with more innovative products and solutions built to reduce costs and increase efficiency for businesses while improving CX (customer experience) and usability for consumers.

“Each one of this year’s Rising Stars has succeeded in raising the bar in customer service and support, establishing itself as either a promising up-and-comer or a seasoned veteran with a knack for innovation. ”

— CRM Magazine

Building The Best Tools

Our core philosophy at Zappix is a focus on speed, simplicity, automation, and mobility. Our On-Demand Customer Service solutions have always exemplified these principles for consumers. Instantly available whenever and wherever end users need answers, Zappix solutions make tracking shipments, submitting forms, managing accounts, and many other tasks more convenient and enjoyable than ever. Zappix solutions aren’t just fast and easy to use for consumers — our products are the most user-friendly for companies and Zappix customers too.

We’ve launched an expanded suite of products aimed at bringing the same convenience our end users experience to the executives and managers who implement our solutions. To achieve our goal we launched a new portfolio. Together with our well-established Visual IVR, three other products make up our customer-facing portfolio:

  • Visual IVR— the core Zappix customer experience solution, Visual IVR brings legacy voice IVR systems into the modern, digital landscape by connecting callers to automated, visual solutions to the most common, tedious customer care interactions. The cloud-based solution is IVR-agnostic, flawlessly complimenting any voice IVR a business already has implemented
  • On-Demand Apps— an always-on, instantly-available customer service solution accessible through any digital channel. Embed links on corporate websites, include in email signatures, print marketing material with QR codes; give customers the excellent self-service CX they’ve come to expect from Zappix solutions
  • Outbound Engagement— reach out and connect to customers at the right time with the right messages thanks to Zappix outbound engagement technology. Zappix automation determines the best channel (SMS, email, robocall, or other digital communication) to make sure your message gets across perfectly
  • Agent Collaboration Tools— empower live contact center agents and prepare them for excellent service with contextual transfers from automated Zappix experiences and interactive tools for faster resolutions. Every step of the user journey and all information already submitted is sent to agents if users opt to transfer to a live interaction

Supporting Customer Support

The Zappix portfolio successfully resolves customer service interactions, but it doesn’t stop there. We’ve also expanded and launched additional products aimed at making business decisions easier. Combined together, the Zappix suite of products creates an extremely flexible and productive cloud-based platform for customer success:

  • Analytics Suite— built to achieve success at three levels of analysis, the Zappix Analytics Suite summarizes every step of every interaction through operational reporting, the business analysis module tracks usage trends and volumes as well as path analysis to create informational charts and graphs, and the actionable analytics module alerts managers and executives when trends and other variables reach predetermined thresholds
  • Zappix Studio— Visual IVR and On-Demand Apps make customer service interactions fast and easy with seamlessly integrated automation and rich, visual menus. Building those menus is fast and easy, even for employees without any coding or technical experience. The best in class Zappix Studio drag-and-drop interface lets any registered user build and launch robust solutions in just a few hours
  • Customer Service RPA— the heart of Zappix automation, Customer Service RPA is purposeful Robotic Process Automation built specifically for customer service and CX applications. Focused on CX automation, Zappix RPA seamlessly integrates with any legacy or third-party IVR, CRM, ERP, or other backend systems to increase efficiency and solve customer problems 24/7
  • Survey Engine— connect to the voice of the customer with quick and painless customer surveys after every Zappix interaction. Net Promoter Score (NPS) surveys highlight how enjoyable Zappix experiences are for your customers while open response questions help employees understand CX at a deeper, more personalized level

A Bright Future

The innovative suite of Zappix products has been making our customers’ and end users’ experiences faster and more convenient for a while. After an intensive year of growth and new additions, the Zappix portfolio is more intuitive and productive than ever. Equip your customer service agents for success and streamline customer interactions with automated Zappix products today and see how our team grows Zappix products to the next level. We’re looking forward to a great 2019, and beyond.

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