The Consumerization of Patient Engagement

The Consumerization of Patient Engagement

Consumers see personalized experiences, digital channels, and easily accessible answers when they interact with corporations. Healthcare providers can provide a more modern experience when they give patients the same treatment.

Businesses in every sector are improving customer experience (CX) every day, making interactions more convenient and personalized. Healthcare providers can jump to the top of patient satisfaction by applying lessons learned from the consumer market.

In today’s tech-filled, customer-focused world consumers expect businesses to provide self-service solutions to most straightforward problems. Customer service has quickly emerged as a key battleground for differentiation between companies. As we all get used to fast, digital solutions in our consumer interactions, our modern culture will begin to expect the same level of automation and digitization from our healthcare.

“As we all get used to fast, digital solutions in our consumer interactions, our modern culture will begin to expect the same level of automation and digitization from our healthcare.”

Innovative and forward-looking organizations will join the patient satisfaction movement as soon as possible. Happier patients turn into more loyal patients and recommend providers to those around them. As providers begin to adopt modern patient experiences, they’ll see their patient retention and new patient onboarding increase as well.

On-Demand Service

The Microsoft State of Global Customer ServiceReportfound a vast majority (88%) of consumers expect brands to provide self-service solutions for customer support. The public overwhelmingly craves self-service answers and there’s no question why. Our modern world has created a culture that expects solutions on-demand, at the tap of a button. TheOn-Demand Economyprovides rides instantly, wherever we are, gives us a place to stay when we get there, and can have dinner delivered from any restaurant right to our door when we get hungry.

That demand for immediate convenience has permeated dozens of experiences in our day to day lives. Healthcare providers that focus on meeting patients where they are with information and personalized service will quickly rise to the top of patient satisfaction. Providing answers digitally and instantly through smartphones and other digital devices creates the kind of accessible, on-demand service our modern culture expects from businesses. Consumerizing healthcare will help providers stay connected to patients and improve their satisfaction.

Digital Transformation for Patient-Facing Platforms

Healthcare providers have already begun digitizing backend record keeping and other file management. The next step in the digitization process is focusing on patient-facing systems. Moving to the next level of patient satisfaction is the perfect time to enjoy the Zappix solutions. At Zappix our core mission is to make digitization and automation a faster and easier transformation for our customers. OurVisual IVRtechnology pairs seamlessly with legacy voice IVR systems already in place, capturing the most common use cases and integrating with backend systems through easy to connect Zappix APIs.

Zappix solutions follow four key principles: speed, simplicity, mobility, and automation. These principles guide the experiences we build for end users and also play a vital role in how we work with our customers. Every Zappix solution is simple to integrate, can be implemented quickly, meets customers wherever they are, and enhances efficiency with purposefully planned automation capabilities.

Visual IVR and On-Demand Apps are the innovative digital assets healthcare providers need to step into the consumerization mindset and connect to patients in a modern way. Engage patients before appointments with automated reminders, confirmations, and scheduling to mitigate no-shows. Connect after appointments with digital surveys, post-procedure reminders, and connected FAQs and informational videos. Zappix provides easier patient connections and better patient experiences in a package that works with systems healthcare providers already utilize.

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