The Four Pillars of CX Transformation

The Four Pillars of CX Transformation

Customer service and user experience are becoming increasingly important every day, and customer expectations continue to rise with no signs of slowing down. Our goal at Zappix is to help our customers transform the user-journey during these interactions.

When I joined Zappix, we defined four main principles that are the pillars of our offering and allow us to achieve success:

  1. Speed— the need for successful resolutions as quickly as possible
  2. Simplicity— the need for service to be easy to access and simple to use
  3. Mobility— the need for service wherever and whenever customers need it
  4. Automation— applying just the right level of automation – getting the right balance between cutting edge technology making everything possible while reducing time to launch

“Our goal at Zappix is to help our customers transform the user-journey during customer service interactions.”

These four pillars of Zappix self-service technology inform every decision we make and every product we build. By working with our clients and focusing on the voice of customers in various industries we’ve found these four aspects have the greatest impact on customer service and CX success.

Customer service technology used to be convenient. For example, when invented and initially launched, IVR made connecting to the right service agent faster and more efficient and allowed businesses to handle more callers than ever. The technology hasn’t kept up with the on-demand generation.

In the face of cumbersome IVR menu trees, customers often work hard to skip the tree and go straight to a live agent. Some companies,like T-Mobile,have opted to simply abandon IVR all-together and invest in massive, expensive live contact centers. Other companies have recognized the need for better self-service channels and turned to native apps to bridge the gap.

Modern customers don’t appreciate apps they rarely use. Because of this aversion to unnecessary apps, today’s consumers don’t keep most of the apps they download from app stores. According to Quettra and Silicon Valley analyst Andrew Chen,the average app loses77% of its users within 3 days of installation, 90% within the first 30 days, and an astounding 95% of users are lost within 90 days of installation. “The other way to say this is that the average app mostly loses its entire user base within a few months,” Chen says. “Which is why of the >1.5 million apps in the Google Play store, only a few thousand sustain meaningful traffic.”

This is the first of a five blog series, where we’ll be walking through each of the four pillars of Zappix solutions, explaining how each one impacts CX and why customers respond so well to solutions that excel in each category. Modern enterprises know a new CX solution is needed and these four pillars are the guidelines helping Zappix answer the call.

The customer service industry is looking for the best path forward. That’s where new technologies likeVisual IVRand On-Demand Apps are shining brightest. At Zappix we’re combining the speed of on-demand cloud-based technology, the ease of use of native apps, the mobility and accessibility of smartphones, and the best automation technology like Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to create the future of customer service success.