Zappix: Transforming Patient Engagement

Zappix: Transforming Patient Engagement

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In the wake of COVID-19, patient engagement evolved as emerging disruptions pushed patients to adopt digital avenues to engage with their healthcare providers. The pandemic also sparked behavioral changes in patients as they’ve begun to compare interactions with providers and caregivers to the digital experiences they find when connecting to their favorite consumer brands.

Most patients today are bringing these expectations from the consumer market into healthcare interactions, driving a need for providers to adopt a proactive mindset and personalized engagement utilizing automation and digital channels to match the modern landscape.

“Consumerization of patient experiences and the rise of powerful digital engagement tools have become a crucial point of strategic development through the COVID-19 pandemic and changing patient expectations,” says Yossi Abraham, president and CEO of Zappix.

Zappix provides a Digital Patient Engagement solution that emerges from a consumer experience mindset to form a new patient engagement perspective and create more personalized and proactive communication. It aims to consumerize patient engagement through automated, on-demand, visual, and digital experiences. The company’s innovative Visual Self-Service suite has brought innovative technologies to modern customer service, and the company is leveraging that experience to improve the quality of care, increase clinic efficiency, and transform the patient experience.

“Consumerization of patient experiences and the rise of powerful digital engagement tools have become a crucial point of strategic development through the COVID-19 pandemic and changing patient expectations”

At the core of the Zappix Digital Patient Engagement solution is its capability to offer highly intuitive and easy-to-use On-Demand Apps delivered through HTML5 web apps. It provides a comprehensive offering for providers, including visual scheduling and appointment reminders, pre- and post-procedure instructions, referral management and patient recalls, digital surveys, digital intake process, patient outreach, and patient education.

Through its appointment and scheduling offering, Zappix sends reminder messages via email, SMS, or voice bot that connect patients to a rich, visual, app-like experience where they can manage the appointments (confirm, cancel, reschedule) and view the providers’ location, directions, intake forms, and more. The solution has dramatically reduced appointment no- shows for Zappix clients. In addition, the pre- and post- procedure instruction solution automatically delivers the information that patients require before their medical procedure on time to boost patient outcomes and minimize instances of last-minute cancellations.

The Zappix solution delivers considerable benefits for healthcare providers and patients—its referral management and patient recall offering enable providers to automatically notify patients to book referral and recall appointments, reducing patient leakage. Zappix patient outreach provides proactive communication using targeted campaigns customized to give the correct information to the right patient population at the right time. Digital surveys deliver real-time patient feedback driving patient experience improvements.

Zappix follows a five-step customer onboarding methodology. Initially, the company focuses on helping clients to understand and perceive their patients as consumers. In the second segment, the company aids healthcare providers in mapping out every touchpoint their patients have interacted with, from the first appointment booking to post-care engagement. This is followed by a touchpoint prioritization process where Zappix automates high-volume touchpoints. For the fourth step, the company utilizes a long-term, phased approach to enhance patient touchpoints over time. Finally, it adopts a continuous improvement process to advance patient engagement and efficient care delivery by incorporating patient and staff feedback.

With such strong core competencies, Zappix has ignited numerous success stories since its inception. For example, a leading Gastroenterology provider combined Zappix Digital Patient Engagement and proactive outreach to enhance patient engagement, better prepare patients for appointments, and reduce appointment no-shows. Preparation instructions, tailored to specific notification times and medical regimens, are automatically sent to patients via email and text message exactly when they need it, increasing patient adherence to proper preparation procedures. Digital surveys sent the day after appointments improve care and reduce administrative burden. Reminders sent to patients with referrals to properly educate them about the importance of gastroenterology checkups and encourage them to book appointments have led to almost 100% utilization of staff.

The Zappix Digital Patient Engagement solution will help more healthcare providers offer a proactive, personalized, predictive, and precise patient experience.


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