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BPO partner reducing costs and staying competitive with modern self-service


A BPO partner wanted to stay competitive in the modern customer service landscape and deliver digital automation that scales quickly to handle seasonal peaks.

A Zappix BPO partner has seen the power of Visual IVR and Mobile On-Demand self-service solutions demonstrated time and again with its clients. Like all BPOs, the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted the usual seasonal onboarding process, and this partner saw increased inbound call volumes. With the looming holiday peak on the horizon, the BPO looked to add new customers to their self-service platforms to maintain high customer service KPIs and handle the large spike in call volumes connected to the holiday period.

Leading BPO Provider
Leading BPO Provider

About the Client

This BPO partner is the leader in omnichannel commerce technology and operations for retail and ecommerce. The company’s innovative solutions portfolio connects retailers and customers through advanced omnichannel technologies; intelligent payments and fraud protection; efficient fulfillment, supply chain services; and insightful customer care services — especially where high-value customer experiences are critical.


Zappix BPO partners benefit from a profitable business model that reduces the cost of resolving consumers’ calls and lets BPOs charge for self-service interactions. This innovative model combined with the flexibility and power of the Zappix solutions allowed Zappix and its partner to quickly and easily onboard new customers before the holiday peak period despite the challenges of COVID-19. The clicks-not-code method of creating Zappix Visual IVR experiences seamlessly connected new implementations into the BPO’s backend systems like their proprietary order management system.

By automating tedious, repetitive tasks like order status calls, Zappix and its partner can reduce agent burnout from tiresome interactions and free agents up to focus on more complex interactions, increasing agent engagement. Automated Zappix self-service tools handle higher call volumes as well, as bots can process more callers faster than live agents. By automating these most common use cases, the BPO and Zappix work together to deliver fast, effective customer service.



Profitable Self-Service: Innovative Zappix business models let BPO partners like this one charge for calls contained by its automated self-service solutions. By containing hundreds of thousands of calls that would have otherwise gone to live agents, Zappix helped save its partner costs while charging for the new service.

Smoother Holiday Spikes: The holiday period means predictable seasonal spikes in inbound call volumes. The BPO and Zappix more than tripled the number of BPO clients leveraging Visual IVR before the holiday peak hit, allowing them to handle the massive spike in stride while avoiding long wait times and lower customer satisfaction.

Lower AHT: Rich Zappix app-like experiences give customers the ability to conveniently search for their order status by phone number automatically pulled from the phone they call in on, or by order number. The easy to use, automated service fulfills order status requests faster and at higher volumes than live agents can handle — perfect for lowering average handle time and containing repetitive use cases that can wear out agents.