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Communications Equipment Company

Creating a better customer experience with rich visual interfaces


A global leader in mission-critical communications and analytics wanted to improve their customer experience and reduce customer effort when handling complex information.

While traditional IVR served this communications equipment company well, it created unnecessary hurdles when complex information was needed from end users. For those looking to check account information using long alpha-numeric identifiers for example, traditional IVR delivered a cumbersome experience.

Leading Communications Equipment Company
Leading Communications Equipment Company

About the Client

The US-based data communications and telecommunications equipment provider delivers technology platforms in mission-critical communications, command center software, video security & analytics with over 100,000 customers in over 100 countries with 13,000 networks installed worldwide.


Zappix Mobile On-Demand solutions leverage every advantage of modern smartphone technology to provide the best customer experience for today’s digital-first world. Integrating seamlessly on top of any traditional Voice IVR system, Zappix Visual IVR converts voice call interactions into smooth visual experiences to create the best cusomter experience possible with the least amount of customer effort.

For complex information like long alpha-numeric identification numbers, Zappix smart forms and visual interfaces provide a superior experience compared with traditional voice IVR. Customers can quickly input their account information and verify its accuracy visually rather than relying on phone button presses and waiting for voice IVR to read out what they’ve submitted to them. Giving customers the ability to self-serve also reduces the chances for human error when live agents must copy down customer submissions over voice channels.

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Key Features

The Communications Equipment Company benefitted from several key features of the Zappix solution including:

  • Realtime integration with Genesys PureCloud invoking Zappix Visual IVR via API
  • Callers kept on the line with Genesys IVR while Zappix invokes an on-demand screen to capture the complete serial number
  • RPA-based Zappix workflow automation performs serial number validation in real time
  • Zappix automation checks serial number against back-end database to check warranty status 
  • Zappix solution pushes all information to the Genesys IVR to direct the call accurately


Reduced AHT: the easier visual experience of Zappix smart forms allows customers to submit complex alpha-numeric strings much faster, reducing average handle time by over 33%

Improved FCR: reduced customer effort and improved customer experiences mean customers don’t need to call back later, improving first call resolution by over 66%

Increased CSAT: customers crave digital solutions and love the ease and simplicty of Zappix Mobile On-Demand experiences. By deploying these solutions, the communications equipment company improved customer satisfaction by over 33%

Fast Launch: Zappix and the communications equipment company moved from initial development through deployment and a successful launch within four weeks

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