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Digital Patient Engagement

Improving patient communication pre and post procedure


A leading healthcare provider in the northeastern United States wanted to improve communication between staff and patients while reducing the bureaucratic burden on medical professionals.

The healthcare provider found its medical staff were bogged down with various bureaucratic burdens like appointment reminder calls and standardized patient communication, spreading staff resources thin.

Leading Gastroenterology Department
Leading Healthcare Provider

About the Client

The northeastern healthcare provider is a new health care system that brings together academic medical centers and teaching hospitals, community and specialty hospitals, more than 4,800 physicians and 36,000 employees in a shared mission to expand access to great care and advance the science and practice of medicine through groundbreaking research and education.


Instead of placing calls to remind patients about scheduled appointments, registering prospective patients for hospital events, Zappix Patient Engagement tools keep patients connected to their healthcare providers with end-to-end automation seamlessly connected to  back-end systems via Zappix API connectivity.

Zappix Patient Engagement brings healthcare providers and patients closer than ever with end-to-end automation, clear communication, and timely direct messaging via SMS, email, or other digital channel. The text reminders linked to rich, digital experiences deliver appointment confirmation, smart registration forms, monthly newsletters, post-appointment digital surveys and more.

Key Features

Zappix digital patient engagement solutions resolve multiple forms of patient interactions including:

  • Digital Reminders + Guides Automatically deliver the information patients need exactly when they need it
  • Registration + Referrals Add new patients and generate revenue with referral reminders
  • Mobile On-Demand Apps The most convenient solution accessible to patients 24/7 via text message, email, and any other digital platform
  • Appointment Confirmation Text message reminders connect to a rich, app-like experience to automatically confirm, cancel, or update schedules
  • Digital Surveys Stay connected to the voice of your patients and quickly identify improvement areas
  • Monthly Newsletters Achieve better results with chronic patients and actively reduce patient leakage


Before the appointment: proactive Zappix patient engagement messages sent to patients ahead of appointments to confirm, cancel, or reschedule appointments achived a response rate >50% to the appointment confirmation process

After the appointment: post-procedure follow up surveys keep healthcare providers connected to the voice of the patient, help medical professionals monitor patient outcomes, and helping improve patient experiences.

Reduced staff burden: Zappix rich app-like experiences connect patients directly to solutions, preventing staff from having to make as many calls to patients and giving them the ability to submit paperwork ahead of time, directly to healthcare provider databses, reducing the number of patients who arrive to appointments without the proper paperwork, and reducing the amount of paperwork patients need to complete at appointments.