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Visual IVR Drives Customer Satisfaction & Loyalty


While traditional IVR is helpful in providing consumers with a self-service option, this major U.S. retailer and long-time Radial client wanted to increase the proportion of calls being contained by self-service technology. With Radial analysis identifying roughly 60% of customer calls to their contact center coming from a mobile device, the revolutionary Visual IVR solution from Zappix provided the perfect opportunity to transform the user journey and increase self-service call containment.


Identifying an opportunity for improvement, Radial suggested launching Zappix Visual IVR, designed to cut down on costly live agent transfers and greatly improve the mobile customer service experience. The strong Zappix/Radial partnership made integrating the new Visual IVR experience into the Radial Order Management (ROM) system already being used by the retailer fast and seamless. The highly intuitive visual interface provides an alternative to pushing buttons in a phone tree and still allows customers to transfer to agents at any time with the tap of a button. With Visual IVR, the retailer’s customers can choose to quickly navigate a visual-based menu optimized for smartphones, and then simple select options by touch versus listening to a list of options and interacting via voice. The result is a much faster, frictionless, and satisfying experience that gives customers exactly the information they want- using the channel and device they prefer.


The Zappix Visual IVR solution achieved a 70% containment rate (the percent of calls that are resolved in the Visual IVR and not transferred to an agent), compared to a typical rate of 20-30% for traditional IVR alone. When given the choice, approximately 20% of all callers checking on Order Status chose Visual IVR over traditional IVR. In addition to increased efficiency, the retailer also achieved a Net Promoter Score (NPS, an index that measures consumers’ likeliness of using the solution again or recommending it) of 90, a clear indication that customers who interact with Visual IVR have a positive experience.

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