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GRM Information Management

Actively managing a safe return to the office after the impact of COVID-19


COVID-19 impacted work schedules and employees around the world. GRM Document Management needed a proactive digital system for safely managing employees’ return to 18 different offices in 4 different countries around the globe.

They looked to leverage the new Zappix Back To Work solution for employees and visitors looking to come to their offices in person.

About the Client

GRM Information Management is a leading provider of document storage services and information management systems. Serving a diverse base of industries such as healthcare, government, legal, finance and human resources, GRM delivers its clients services such as digital conversion, advanced data capture solutions, document management systems, workflow automation, legacy data archiving, compliance and governance, business process management and advanced analytics capabilities, as well as a full suite of document storage, scanning and physical records management services. GRM maintains offices in 14 major metros across the U.S., and also has facilities in Lima, Peru; Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Brazil; and Bogota, Medellin and Cali, Colombia.


The Zappix Back to Work solution delivers daily proactive reminders pushed via email and SMS to all active users listed in the GRM employee database. The reminders  prompt employees to use a visual interface allowing quick and simple experiences.

Real-time alerts to GRM management about failed assessments keep those who need to know up to the minute on the status of employees while a comprehensive analytics suite allows viewing real time and historic data. The on-demand web-app enabled solution requires no downloads to use and launched within days to 18 GRM locations in 4 different countries around the globe.

COVID-19 Vaccination Tracking: GRM later expanded the solution to include tracking the vaccination status of employees, viewing and verifying uploaded proof of vaccination documentation, and the ability to follow up with employees who choose not to be vaccinated because of religious, medical, or alternative reasons.

The Zappix B2W Process

GRM case study covid-19


  • Allows for the safe opening of multiple locations
  • Proactive notifications remind employees to complete the survey before they reach the office
  • Vaccination tracking allows for easy follow-up and digital proof for managers
  • Location-specific surveys and messages for multiple locations in multiple languages around the world
  • Comprehensive analytics make contact tracing in offices easier