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Healthcare Solutions Provider

Deploying a complete self-service solution in under 2 weeks


The healthcare solutions provider had an urgent deployment need for an automated self-service experience. Zappix successfully deployed an IVR and Visual IVR solution in under 2 weeks.

The provider needed a complete IVR & Visual IVR self-service automation solution deployed quickly and effectively for an upcoming patient outreach campaign that could then be expanded into more use cases and solutions.

Healthcare Solution Provider
Healthcare Solution Provider

About the Client

This healthcare solutions provider is a leader in the mobile and wireless medical technology industry. The company focuses on the delivery of health information to save and improve lives, while reducing the cost of care. Today, the client provides cardiac and mobile blood-glucose monitoring, centralized medical imaging, and original equipment manufacturing serving the healthcare and clinical research sectors.


Zappix built, integrated, and successfully deployed a traditional IVR and Visual IVR solution in under 2 weeks from initial meeting to deployment. The solution allows callers to opt into the visual self-service experience or continue the patient outreach process with a live agent.

The Visual IVR experience is fully integrated with the healthcare provider’s backend system via i-Framed interactive forms, allowing callers to enjoy a cohesive experience across devices, and the self-service solution to easily update the healthcare solutions provider’s database.

Key Features

The Healthcare Solutions Provider benefitted from several key features of the Zappix solution including:

  • Fast launch — 2 weeks from initial meeting to successful deployment
  • i-Framed (embedded) smart forms
  • Traditional IVR system accurately directing calls to self-service or live agents
  • Multichannel solution available across all devices
  • Full interaction tracking and user analytics


  • Live solution successfully launched in under 2 weeks
  • Over 60% Visual IVR call containment (percentage of Visual IVR users who complete their interaction without speaking with a live agent)
  • Reduced customer effort — multiple options for completing the patient outreach campaign lowers the barriers to entry and improves campaign success
  • Thousands of calls deflected away from live agents to visual self-service