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Hibbett Sports

Modern Customer Service for a Digital Customer Base


Retailer Hibbett Sports leveraged Zappix On-Demand Customer Service Solutions to appeal to their digital-savvy customers.

Hibbett is a popular sneaker retailer that resonates with today’s tech-connected, on-demand society. The customer care team had been utilizing a legacy Voice IVR system to handle customer service interactions. While this system was helpful for providing customers with some self-service capabilities, the customer care team determined their modern consumer base would prefer additional digital alternatives.

About the Client

Hibbett, headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama, is a leading athletic-inspired fashion retailer with 1,080 Hibbett and City Gear specialty stores located in 35 states nationwide. Hibbett has a rich history of convenient locations, personalized customer service and access to coveted footwear, apparel and equipment from top brands like Nike, Jordan and adidas. Consumers can browse styles, find new releases, shop looks and make purchases online or in their nearest store by visiting


Radial, a bpost company and the leader in omnichannel commerce technology and operations, recommended Zappix Visual IVR and On-Demand Apps to support the traditional IVR HIbbett already utilized with seamlessly integrated automated self-service. Zappix delivered multi-channel digital self-service to customers while reducing average handle time (AHT), increasing containment rates, and deflecting repetitive calls away from contact centers.

The on-demand capabilities of Zappix solutions allowed Hibbett to launch their new “Hibbett Customer Service Express,” a campaign for embedding links in emails and other customer correspondence connecting directly to Zappix self-service solutions to increase adoption and provide customers with immediate answers to questions through any channel they utilize.

Seamlessly integrated Zappix Survey Engine tools delivered immediate NPS surveys to every customer utilizing Zappix solutions, and provided customers the opportunity to submit open-ended comments and suggestions after every customer service interaction, strengthening the connection between Hibbett and their customers, improving the Voice of the Customer for Hibbett shoppers, and helping customers feel heard and valued during interactions (thereby improving customer satisfaction and loyalty).

Key Features

Hibbett Sports benefitted from several key features of the Zappix solution including:

  • Zappix smart forms with deep database integration make finding orders via phone or order number quick and easy
  • Visual menus expedite the menu navigation process and reduce AHT
  • Omnichannel solution means links to visual self-service can be placed in every customer service email for increased benefit
  • Integration with Radial Order Management system (ROM)


Hibbett customers now enjoy customer service through an array of digital channels and have begun to shift away from traditional phone lines to other digital channels. The Hibbett Customer Service Express program has proven a success with customers looking for customer service channels through non-voice channels. The transition from legacy voice channel to digital alternatives aligns with Hibbett’s goal to meet their customers on the channels they prefer.

Zappix self-service solutions successfully supported the service channels Hibbett customers already used & allowed for a smooth transition to modern self-service while facilitating faster, more streamlined service for customers who prefer Voice IVR.

Customers greatly appreciated the new Hibbett digital CX and on-demand customer self-service solutions. They expressed high praise through the integrated Zappix Survey Engine:

“The system is so easy and great! Everyone should use it.”

“Such an awesome feature 👏 🙌 ”

“Very easy to use all I needed to do was enter my phone number and I found my order.”

“Innovative and easy to use!!”

Digital Transformation

From Voice to Visual

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Call Containment

Cost Control: Radial and Hibbett experienced over 80% call containment with Zappix solutions, creating impressive cost savings for the retailer.

NPS (Ease of Use)

Customer Experience: Customers were highly satisfied with the experience average and NPS of 57 for ease of use.

AHT Reduction

Win/Win: for costs and customers: Reduction of over 3 minutes in AHT (Average Handle Time) between Voice IVR and Zappix Self-Service solutions.