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Logistics & Services

Deflecting routine calls and deploying a dynamic FAQ solution


An international logistics corporation needed to deflect simple, routine calls away from agents. 

They also identified a need to build a digital knowledge base of FAQs to allow for easy access and dynamic answers.

International Logistics Company
International Logistics Company

About the Client

The international logistics company has served as a trusted trade adviser to businesses around the world for 75 years. It specializes in customs brokerage and trade compliance, and offers international trade consulting, global trade management and freight forwarding. The company employs approximately 3,000 associates at more than 90 key border points, sea ports, airports and other strategic locations across North America, Europe, and Asia.


Zappix visual self-service solutions organized a massive FAQ knowledgebase into multi-layered menus, and added dynamic media like videos, photos, and downloads to enhance customer knowledge. The solution includes integrated APIs for shipment tracking, an i-Framed (embedded) scheduling tool, document downloads, links to external resources, and omnichannel access to on-demand apps (website, chat, email signature).

Key Features

The International Logistics company benefitted from several key features of the Zappix solution including:

  • Organized FAQ knowledgebase
  • Video and photo FAQ answers
  • Integrate APIs for shipment tracking
  • i-Framed (embedded) scheduler
  • Document downloads enabled
  • Links to external resources
  • Omnichannel access to on-demand apps (website, chat, & email signature)
  • Multilingual — English & French


  • Hundreds of calls deflected to visual self-service every month
  • Increased containment rate (up to 90%)
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Average Handle Time (AHT) reduced (from 6+ minutes to <1 minute)

Call Deflection: Zappix Visual IVR creates rapid ROI, containing over 70% of calls sent to the system on average. Innovative end-to-end automation solves calls and prevents callers from needing to speak with a live agent.

Cost Savings: Zappix deflected thousands of calls to visual self-service experiences, reducing contact center costs and improving customer experience

Agent Satisfaction: with visual self-service handling many tedious, routine customer calls, agents are freed up to focus on more complex interactions where their training and empathy deliver the most value, reducing agent burnout and increasing satisfaction

Customer Effort: seamlessly integrated visual self-service experiences deliver the answers callers are looking for quickly and effectively, reducing the effort need from callers to get to a successful resolution