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National Recovery Agency

Increasing digitalization in the collections process


The National Recovery Agency identified a need to increase digitalization in their collections process.

They looked to reduce barriers to payment and deploy processes that fit the modern consumer’s preferences and increase payment success.

About the Client

National Recovery Agency is a nationwide provider of accounts receivable management. They have been helping consumers resolve financial obligations since 1976 and are committed to 100% customer service. NRA has an extensive history in working with consumers, businesses, and other organizations to resolve debts in a timely manner. As part of its services, NRA communicates with thousands of consumers daily. In working with consumers and businesses, NRA is committed to maintaining the highest ethical and legal standards in conducting operations in a professional and consumer-oriented manner.


Zappix debt collection solution is fully integrated with the collection agency’s payment gateway, displays targeted payment plan options depending on specific message recipient personas, and is being deployed for a high volume of messages & interactions.

The easy to use, visual self-service has drastically lowered the barrier to entry for fast, successful digital payments and increased collections as a result.

“The Zappix focus on ease of use and personalized digital self-service fits with our mission of providing excellent customer service. Zappix solutions enable consumers to self-serve quickly and resolve financial obligations faster, easier, and with less stress.”
Steve Kusic talks about Zappix
Steve Kusic
CEO, National Recovery Agency


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Patient Prep Rate

Successful Payments: Over 20% of users complete a payment after visiting a visual on-demand experience