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Retail (Multiple Use Cases)

Deploying visual self-service for multiple call types


A global fashion and technology platform wanted to reduce costs and headcount in their contact center by deflecting calls away from agents to self-service channels.

The automation solution they were looking for would also help manage seasonal spikes in inbound call volumes without adding additional agents.

Global Fashion & Technology Platform
Global Fashion & Technology Platform

About the Client

This client is a global technology platform operating at the intersection of culture, community, and commerce. Headquartered in Montreal, it features a mix of established and emerging luxury brands across womenswear, menswear, and kidswear . The brand has garnered critical acclaim as both an e-commerce engine and a producer of cultural content. It generates an average of 100 million monthly page views. Approximately 80% of its audience is between the ages of 18 to 40. It is privately held and has achieved high double digit annual growth and profitability since its inception.


Zappix visual self-service solutions handle multiple critical needs for this client: fast and easy order status. tracking, the ability to modify orders (update shipping address, delte items, cancel orders) if allowed by store rules, and multi-layered returns instructions. The solution complements the Voice IVR the client already had implemented and is integrated into its backend CRM via APIs. When callers opt into the self-service option, they are transferred to the Zappix Visual IVR.

Key Features

The Fashion and Technology company benefitted from several key features of the Zappix solution including:

  • Visual IVR seamlessly integrated with client’s voice IVR
  • Multiple channels in Visual IVR experience to connect with agents if needed
  • i-Framed (embedded) live chat within Visual IVR
  • Realtime API calls retrieve order details
  • Workflow automation (RPA Engine) creates end-to-end self-service resolutions
  • Visual FAQ pages allow for more detail in answers
  • Voice guidance throughout the user journey
  • Instant feedback from Voice of the Customer post-interaction surveys


  • 25% of inbound call volume deflected to Visual IVR
  • High containment rate (over 75%)
  • Lower average handling time
Retail Survey Analytics
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Call Containment

Cost Control: Zappix Visual IVR creates rapid ROI, containing over 75% of calls sent to the system on average. Innovative end-to-end automation solves calls and prevents callers from needing to speak with a live agent.

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Inbound Calls Deflected

Customer Experience: Customers want choice, and Visual IVR delivers the experiences they want. When given the option, over 25% of callers chose to use the visual self-service experience.

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AHT Reduction

Win/Win: The retailer and its customsers benefitted from thousands of deflected calls with an AHT reduced fby 66%.