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Build your own omni-channel Visual IVR app – Web, iPhone & Android

Zappix Visual IVR


The Zappix Mobile Cloud Visual IVR Platform allows businesses to provide a smartphone Visual IVR mobile experience that engages consumers, saves time, and delivers consistently high levels of customer service satisfaction.

Zappix Visual IVR


The Zappix Visual IVR SaaS platform transforms your consumer’s experience by providing a SmartPhone visual and self service option from your customer’s SmartPhone.

Zappix Visual IVR


The Zappix Visual IVR provides an omni-channel self-service experience to your customers making it easier to resolve a problem or complete a transaction without making a phone call.

Zappix News

Zappix Visual IVR

Zappix Announces Full Suite of Visual IVR Clients

With the world’s first Apple Watch Visual IVR client, Zappix expands its comprehensive list of Visual IVR clients

Zappix Visual IVR

Zappix & VisualVault Address Mobility, Compliance and Flexibility With Visual IVR/ECM Integration

Smartphone eForm integration combines mobility with enterprise eForm processing into one Enterprise Content Management system.

Zappix Visual IVR

Zappix Announces Voice-activated Visual IVR

With its new speech-enabled capability, the Zappix Smartphone Visual IVR now supports voice commands with visual response and visual prompts

Industry News

Zappix Visual IVR
How Do I… Measure Employee Engagement?

In this article, we address the thorny question of how to measure Employee Engagement and look at the best questions to include on an Employee Engagement Survey. Employee Engagement is key to success in the contact centre. There is a […]

Source: Call Centre Helper

Author: Megan Jones

Zappix Visual IVR
Customer Experience Measurement – Why it is Vitally Important BUT Badly Done!

When it comes to the profession that Customer Experience has now become, one of the most important and significant competencies required by all organisations is that of measurement. The ability of a company to robustly and continuously capture a ‘fact based’ understanding of how capable they are of meeting customer needs and expectations is critical…

Source: CustomerThink

Author: Ian Golding

Zappix Visual IVR
5 Top Customer Service Articles For the Week of April 25, 2016

Each week I read a number of customer service articles from various online resources. Here are my top five picks from last week. I have added my comment about each article and would like to hear what you think too. Why a Negative Customer Experience Isn’t the End by Jillian Misner (Contactually) Taking criticism and…

Source: Shep Hyken

Author: shephyken


Zappix Visual IVR


The Zappix Visual IVR SaaS platform transforms your consumer’s experience by providing a SmartPhone visual and self service option from your customer’s SmartPhone. The Smartphone visual IVR app works as a native iPhone or Android App as well as an HTML 5 web app that can be accessed from your website or mobile app. The Zappix smartphone Visual IVR takes your existing IVR to a new level of engagement by providing omni-channel access to voice and non-voice channels – Telephony, Mobile forms, Videos, Images, PDFs, email, text messaging (SMS), Web, and Social Media. Deploy the Visual IVR and provide experience without making any changes to your existing IVR system. Furthermore, the Visual IVR smart menus can be configured independently of your existing IVR system to simplify the engagement.

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Zappix Visual IVR


The Zappix platform tracks all consumer interactions on the platform and provides data on the consumer journey through voice channel, social media, or self service options, as well as cross-channel when addressing a customer service issue.

With the Zappix platform a business can analyze its customer’s journey through voice channel, social media, or self service options. Analysis of cross-channel consumer behavior, identifying trends, and measuring consumer sentiment are some of the many powerful insights a business can use to dramatically improve customer service.

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