Moishe’s NYC Movers First Moving Company to Provide a Visual IVR and Mobile On-Demand Solution Using Zappix Instant App Technology

Moishe’s NYC Movers First Moving Company to Provide a Visual IVR and Mobile On-Demand Solution Using Zappix Instant App Technology

Zappix, the leader in Visual IVR, Mobile On-Demand, and Instant App Authoring technology for Customer Service, announced today a new self-service option for Moishe’s NYC Movers.

(PRWeb September 13, 2017)

Moishe’s is a full service moving, storage, and hospitality business and now the first moving company to utilize a Visual IVR Mobile On-Demand service allowing higher Customer Satisfaction for 24×7 mobile self-service move scheduling. This new option from Zappix turns traditional calls into more sophisticated and easy-to-use omni-channel communications. TheVisual IVRadds a display of relevant requests to a consumer’s mobile device enhancing self-service, increasing customer satisfaction, and reducing call time. Moishe’s prospects can now benefit from simple, seamless, and effective Mobile On-Demand communication reducing the risk of losing prospects and enhancing the digital personalized experience. The Zappix Visual IVR interacts and integrates with Moishe’s back end systems for a full, consistent data integration removing the need for multi-step booking.

“We are very happy to provide this extra level of service to our customers. NYC is a hub filled with busy people conducting business at all hours. In order to provide improved service, we now have a smart, fast touch screen option to schedule a move using the Zappix Visual IVR On-Demand Mobile service 24 hours a day. Providing new technology allows our customers various channels of communication. Having a new self-service option is another way we can continue to stay on the cutting edge of our business and also keep consistent with ourgoalof providing the most reliable service possible.” Nassim Fadida, General Manager, Moishe’s NYC Movers.

“I’m excited to see the new Zappix solution for Moishe’s NYC Movers,” said Avner Schneur President and CEO of Zappix. “TheInnovation and Technologyused by Zappix makes it easier to schedule a move by turning the standard voice options into an instant Mobile On-Demand service allowing for rapid scheduling and improved processes. The Zappix Visual IVR empowers companies like Moishe’s and any other service providers to improve customer experience with a powerful visual self-service IVR and On-Demand Mobile service.”

##More About Zappix

The Zappix Cloud-based Visual-IVR platform is a SaaS (Software as a Service) solution for web or cross-OS mobile app, omni-channel, customer service communications. It allows companies to rapidly and cost-effectively deploy a Smartphone Visual IVR app that provides a highly intuitive and extremely interactive customer care experience on Smartphones. Benefits include increasing customer satisfaction and a company’s Net Promoter Score™ (NPS), while reducing contact center costs. The superior customer service options of the Zappix Visual IVR delivers uncompromising flexibility on the fly. App content changes can be made and published to web (HTML 5) apps and iOS or Android native apps instantly. Moreover, Zappix’s robust API suite provides quick, easy integration with CRM and other systems. The Zappix smartphone visual IVR and mobile self-service solution has grown rapidly and currently provides hundreds of companies with a streamlined way to empower and better serve customers. The continually expanding list of Zappix-supported organizations includes insurance companies, utility companies, banks, internet and mobile service providers, retailers, airlines and government agencies.

For more information about Zappix, visithttp://www.zappix.comor contact Sally Cooper, Marketing Operations Manager at 781.214.8124; sally.cooper(at)zappix(dot)com.

##More About Moishe’s Moving Company NYC

Moishe’s is a full service moving, storage, and hospitality business. Their moving company serves both individuals and businesses in the New York City area. They offer basic services, such as relocating a home, to more detailed packages that include moving offices and storing wine and fine arts.

Today, Moishe’s consists of hundreds of employees, scores of red trucks, and thousands of square feet of storage in more than 10 cities across the nation. Furthermore, Moishe’s employs state-of-the-art technologies to assure the safety and security of clients’ belongings during relocation and while in storage.

For more information about Moishe’s, visithttp://www.moishes.comor contact contact(at)moishes(dot)com Call 800-266-8387

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