Zappix, Inc. Announces Utility-Focused Service Interruption Management Solution To Improve Customer Experience

Service Interruption Management by Zappix dramatically eases the pressure on utility providers’ call centers during service interruptions using Zappix Visual IVR, RPA Engine and proactive Outbound Engagement

BURLINGTON, MASS. (PRWEB) Feb. 06, 2019 — Service Interruption Management by Zappix dramatically eases the pressure on utility providers’ call centers during service interruptions by providing their customers with easy-to-use digital self-service solutions that deflect the need to speak with an agent. Automatic service updates maintain continuous communication between utility providers and their customers until service is restored. The solution decreases the number of calls reaching live agents in the call center thanks to Zappix Visual IVR’s high containment rates and reduces the costs and need of overflow staffing.
Today’s consumers expect service providers to communicate through fast, informative, digital channels whenever and wherever questions might arise. Despite efforts in the utility industry to meet these demands through technology like online chatbots and native mobile apps, service disruptions still result in a surge of calls that can overwhelm a call center.
“Our new solution handles the flood of interrupted service calls easily with Zappix Visual IVR and provides proactive, continuous updates to customers looking for more information until service is restored using RPA and proactive Outbound Engagement,” said Yossi Abraham, Zappix president. “Utility providers looking to save time and money can now let Zappix handle calls and customer communication while they focus on restoring service.”
Through innovative Zappix On-Demand Apps and Visual IVR technology, Zappix Service Interruption Management provides the fast, informative, digital communication utility customers expect in a cloud-based platform that’s easy to integrate into backend systems like IVR and CRM. Zappix Service Interruption Management provides many benefits for utilities:

  • Visual IVR deflects calls from reaching live agents with high containment rates (over 75% call containment)
  • Increased call containment even during peak times allows call center staffing levels to remain consistent, avoiding the need for overflow staffing
  • Automated workflows using Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and proactive outreach using text messaging, emails and robocalls keep customers updated on service status and enhances CX
  • Provides customers with an easy to use digital self-service solution to report outages and service interruptions
  • End-to-end solution reduces Average Handle Time (AHT) per call
  • All relevant customer data is collected, helping utilities restore service more efficiently

Transform the customer experience and create satisfied, loyal customers with Zappix Service Interruption Management. Faster, simpler, easier interruption reporting and proactive service status updates close the communication gap between utility providers and their customers while lowering call center costs and saving providers money.
About Zappix
Zappix provides On-Demand Customer Service Solutions: Visual IVR, On-Demand Apps, Outbound Engagement and Robotic Process Automation (RPA). The cloud-based solutions improve the customer journey during contact center interactions. The open platform enables workflow automation, rapid deployments, and seamless integration to back-end systems (CRMs, ERPs, etc.), and IVRs, and provides a comprehensive Analytics Suite.
The Zappix solution provides significant benefits and ROI: reducing costs by increasing containment rates for contact centers, improving customer experience and Net Promoter Score (NPS), creating new revenue opportunities using targeted promotional banners and automation of revenue generating use-cases.
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