Back To Work

Keeping Teams Safe

Proactive daily symptom assessments pushed to employees via text or email help to keep your workforce safe during COVID-19

Business Benefits

Cover employees & visitors

Automatically send assessment reminders to employees and easily cover visitors with multi-channel Moble On-Demand Apps

Lightning fast deployment

Powerful Zappix APIs and seamless backend connectivity mean new implementations launch in weeks

Sync assessments with work schedules

Send health assessments according to employee work schedules to prevent unnecessary messages

Easily accessible proof of completion

All employees and visitors receive proof of assessment completion tagged with the associated day

Real-time alerts & dashboard

See who’s completed an assessment, who hasn’t, individual passes and failures, and more as they happen

Real-time alerts

HR and other key administrators instantly notified in real time when employees don’t pass an assessment

User-friendly dashboard

Quickly track, view, and understand trends in health assessments and responses with an easy to use cloud-based dashboard

Insightful analytics

Examine and analyze responses over a specific time period, by location, or by other variables with the powerful Zappix analytics engine

Track and trace

Track individual responses and trace immediate contacts to understand potential spread and at-risk individuals

No app download needed

Sync to multiple time zones & schedules

Easily access daily certificate of completion

With governments implementing various phased plans for re-opening, company leaders must carefully evaluate how to bring employees back to work.

Digital & visual self-service feeding robust analytics reports enables businesses to swiftly and easily get rolling again while maintaining workplace safety.