Zappix Announces Expansive Integration with for Their Self-Service Automation Platform

Zappix Announces Expansive Integration with for Their Self-Service Automation Platform


For the last several years, Zappix clients have been able to push and pull information via APIs to automate self-service inquiries. Zappix has further advanced these capabilities by enabling clients to push user journey actions to CRM systems in real time. It allows agents to view consumer journeys in real time and assist in quick resolution of their inquiries. In addition, the Zappix Agent Assist service is now integrated with Salesforce to simplify and ease the customer interaction process for agents.

“As Zappix operations expand, we are thrilled to optimize our user experience for our clients. This includes increasing the number of capabilities Zappix solutions can provide,” said Yossi Abraham, President and CEO at Zappix. “Zappix-supported contact centers can now take full advantage of our newest Salesforce out-of-the-box integrations, and enhanced automation capabilities, to enhance customer experience, automate workflows, and improve their staff efficiency.”

Zappix’sintegration capabilities are compatible with leading contact center applications and allow agents to collect data digitally, in real-time, supporting multiple use cases. For example – processing data entered in smart forms, collecting digital payments, receiving images/files, and sharing video FAQs. This service expedites and optimizes the handling of calls, leading to significant benefits:

  • Improved Average Handling Times (AHT)– Zappix’s clients achieve reduced AHT from 7-9 minutes to less than 2 minutes using the service.
  • Simplifying User Journeys– By automating complex processes, and mundane interactions and removing manual steps, user journeys are simplified for both consumers and contact center agents.
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction– Consumers today prefer self-service over having long conversations with contact center agents.

Zappix has already integrated with various back-end systems – CRMs, EMRs, ERPs, and more. Real-time interactions and integrations are at the core of Zappix’s services – providing a superior automated visual self-service experience.

About Zappix

Zappix transforms the patient journey with easy to use, modern digital patient engagement tools to improve quality of care and increase patient satisfaction and loyalty. The cloud-based solutions enable workflow automation, rapid developments, seamless integration to EMRs & back-end systems, and provide a comprehensive Analytics Suite.

Zappix provides significant benefits and ROI: reducing costs by increasing containment rates for contact centers, improving customer experience and Net Promoter Score (NPS), creating new revenue opportunities using targeted promotional banners, and automation of revenue-generating use-cases.

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