Zappix Announces Partnership with Cozera – Integrating Self-Service with Secure Identity Authentication-as-a-Service

Zappix Announces Partnership with Cozera – Integrating Self-Service with Secure Identity Authentication-as-a-Service

Zappix, the Premier Provider of Visual IVR and Self-Service Solutions, partners with Cozera to provide an integrated solution of Self-Service and Secure Identity Authentication to Contact Centers.

BURLINGTON, MASS.(PRWEB)Jan 17, 2023 —Zappixhas partnered withCozerato elevate its customer experiences by providing users with a secure identity authentication to simplify the user experience while preventing Account Take Over attacks. Through this partnership, Zappix will be able to enhance the customer experience for its clients by leveraging Cozera’s cutting-edge technology and expertise. By offering the integrated solution, Contact Centers can now deliver a superior experience to their customers to authenticate themselves quickly and securely when using Zappix Visual Self-Service solutions.

“We are thrilled to be working with Cozera to take our solutions to the next level and provide safety measures to ensure high-quality service,” said Yossi Abraham, President & CEO of Zappix. “Their innovative solutions and deep understanding of customer protection will allow us to serve our clients better.”

Businesses that utilize the revolutionary combination of Cozera and Zappix experience benefits such as:

  • Simple: A straightforward solution for identity authentication, which can help reduce the complexity and costs associated with managing authentication systems.
  • Secure: protecting businesses and their customers from financial losses and data breaches.
  • Identity authentication: helping businesses ensure that only authorized users can access their systems and data.
  • Superior user experience: A convenient and secure user experience will help to increase user adoption and reduce friction in the authentication process.

“Self-serve applications like the Zappix Visual Solutions are an ideal partner for the id-go authentication service, as both solutions improve user experiences and make Call Center operations more efficient,” said Abrar Ahmed, Founder & President of Cozera. “We are delighted to have the Zappix team added as a partner since our solutions work so well together”

Zappix strives to offer outstanding services to its clients and continually seeks new ways to improve the customer experience. Cozera, a premier identity authentication provider, empowers businesses to connect with customers in unique and impactful ways. Thanks to the partnership, both companies can deliver a superior customer experience in every interaction.

About Zappix

Zappix delivers AI-powered Mobile On-Demand Customer Service Solutions: Visual IVR, On-Demand Apps, Outbound Engagement, and Robotic Process Automation (RPA). The cloud-based solutions improve the customer journey during contact center interactions. The open platform enables workflow automation, rapid deployments, seamless integration to back-end systems (CRMs, ERPs, and more), and IVRs, and provides a comprehensive Analytics Suite.

The Zappix solution provides significant benefits and ROI:

  • reducing costs by increasing containment rates for contact centers
  • improving customer experience and Net Promoter Score (NPS)
  • creating new revenue opportunities using targeted promotional banners
  • automation of revenue-generating use-cases

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About Cozera

Cozera,, delivers an identity authentication platform as a service. The flagship product is called “id-go” which provides a simple to deploy no-code/low-code solution utilizing the FIDO (fast identity online) authentication protocols without the need for passwords or secrets. Business clients can deploy id-go without using extensive IT resources or integration programming. Consumers can use id-go to help protect their accounts from fraud without downloading an application or using a password that can be hacked.


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