Enhanced self-service capabilities

Automate the claims process, enhance customer satisfaction, and evolve your CX with Zappix self-service platforms. Help customers create more robust insurance claims with instantly available photo submission tools and reactive forms. Digitally transform the user journey with intuitive visual experiences.


Self-Service Claims Management

Faster more robust claims created by customers and automatically submitted to the right department creates a premiere customer experience and brings speed and efficiency to claims processing. Submitting claims, adding relevant documents, reviewing claims statuses, and issuing updates to customers has never been easier.

Policy Management

Simplify and streamline every customer interaction with instant, on-demand, automated customer access. On-Demand App technology is the fastest way to view and change policy details and the guide customers to new policies.



Additional Use Cases

File A Claim

Automate the claims process with self-service forms connected to Zappix visual experience products

Claims Process

Let users easily check claims statuses and receive automatic notifications at milestones with outbound engagement

Pay Bills

View amounts due, pay balance, and schedule payments through a secure channel connected to a specific account

Request A Form

Guide customers to access and print the right insurance form for any claim automatically with RPA integrations

Manage Policies

Link policies to specific accounts, manage account information, and offer new or related policies to upsell interested customers

Adjuster Lookup

Help customers quickly and easily find their assigned insurance adjuster and their contact information




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Four Pillars of Successful Visual IVR

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