Dynamic customer connections

Deflect calls with Zappix digital self-service capabilities. Automate pricing quotes, enhance shipment tracking, and stream instructional videos to transform the user journey. Instantly available On-Demand Customer Service solutions enhance customer loyalty, increase repeat customers, and improve Customer Lifetime Value (CLV).


Tutorial & FAQ

Defer contact center calls and provide customers with instant access to interactive tutorials and a continuously updated knowledge base. Make every answer to every common customer question easily available when it’s needed, where it’s needed, through whatever channel customers prefer.

Tracking Services

Guide customers through the complicated shipping and logistics process with Zappix automation and the most user-friendly digital channels available. Timely alerts proactively sent by Zappix RPA bots compliment instant customer access to every update to reduce calls to live agents and create a state of the art end-to-end automated CX.


Delivery Reminders

Send field-service technicians only where they’re needed with Zappix Service Reminders. Confirm, cancel, or reschedule upcoming appointments with sophisticated Zappix RPA bots and prepare customers for successful interactions with proactive customer education messages.

Additional Use Cases

Shipment Tracking

Keep customers up to date with automated shipment notifications and simplified digital tracking

Schedule Shipments

Convenient ordering and scheduling of pickup and deliveries via mobile scheduling tools

Shipping Labels

Let customers download and print labels for hassle free shipping

Route Selection

Allow drivers to select routes and assignments from the road

Submit Forms

Customers submit photos and forms intuitively with visual interfaces

Store Locator

Connect customers to the nearest drop-box or store with geolocation




The Power of Visual IVR


Four Pillars of Successful Visual IVR

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