Zappix Launches Self-Service Claims Management Solution for Insurance Providers

Zappix Launches Self-Service Claims Management Solution for Insurance Providers

The leading Visual Self-Service provider has launched an omni-channel self-service claims management solution including automated claims submission and claims status for insurance providers.

BURLINGTON, MASS.(PRWEB)Dec. 15, 2021 —Zappix, the leading Visual Self-Service solutions provider, has launched aClaims Managementsolution empowering users to complete all claim related interactions via a self-service visual bot. The solution allows users to submit forms, upload photos and documents as needed, check claims status with real-time backend integrations, and view FAQ and knowledge base options including videos, documents, and other digital media.

Zappix solutions deliver immediate ROI and important benefits for insurance providers, including:

  • Improved customer experience— accelerating digital transformation and self-service usage and improving the overall customer experience
  • Reduced costs— self-service options deflect calls away from costly live agent interactions
  • Increased first call resolution— insurers can apply the right level of automation with well designed UI to deliver successful customer service resolutions
  • Empowered contact center agents— Zappix self-service deflects repetitive and mundane tasks away from agents while providing agent assistance tools to make the handling of the calls faster and more efficient

The self-service Claims Management solution consists of a visual self-service bot and Zappix flagship Visual IVR tuned specifically for insurance providers. When callers call into a contact center equipped with Zappix Visual IVR, they are provided with an option to use self-service. When they choose it, the caller receives a text message with a link to the Visual IVR. The customer then resolves the reason they called using their mobile phone, all in simple to use visual menus.

“We are excited to launch a solution tailored for insurance providers that are looking to elevate their customers’ digital experience,” said Yossi Abraham, Zappix President and CEO. “Our solution is pre-built, ready to be launched in under two weeks, and brings an immediate impact to the customer journey.”

AI-powered digital self-service is transforming customer experience for insurance companies and their customers. Zappix looks to capitalize on the market demand for self-service automation with this targeted solution and its years of experience delivering premium customer experiences across different industries.

About Zappix

Zappix delivers AI-powered On-Demand Visual Self-Service Solutions: Visual IVR, On-Demand Apps, Proactive Engagement, Agent Assist, and Robotic Process Automation (RPA). The cloud-based solutions improve the customer journey during contact center interactions. The open platform enables workflow automation, rapid deployments, and seamless integration to back-end systems (CRMs, ERPs, etc.), and IVRs, and provides a comprehensive Analytics Suite.

Zappix provides significant benefits and ROI: reducing costs by increasing containment rates for contact centers, improving customer experience and Net Promoter Score (NPS), creating new revenue opportunities using targeted promotional banners and automation of revenue-generating use-cases.

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