E-Comm Self-Service

Deploy fast, straightforward, easy-to-use CX whenever and wherever customers need while purposeful automation deflects tedious calls away from live customer service agents.

Increase call containment rates
Lowers contact costs by reducing calls to agents
Automates tedious processes
Reduces Average Handle Time (AHT)
Decreases live agent burnout
Improves Customer Experience
Retail Customer service VIVR

Improve Containment

Zappix Visual IVR provides personalized self-service experiences to callers.

Revolutionary Zappix technology turns customer service interactions into state of the art self-service, smoothly guiding callers directly to the solution they need.

Frictionless E-Comm Self-Service experiences consistently earn Net Promotor Scores (NPS) over 85, and successfully resolve almost every customer service call forwarded to them. Fast, successful, and enjoyable interactions increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, growing Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) as a result.


Whenever. Wherever

Rich visual interfaces available 24/7 to customers on any digital device.

Provide best-in-class Zappix Self-Service solutions to your customers at the right time, through the channels they prefer through instantly available On-Demand Apps.

This revolutionary Zappix multi-channel technology connects consumers directly to the answers they need through any channel they use. SMS messages, website links, QR codes, email signatures and any other digital channel becomes convenient, easy-to-use, automated self-service thanks to On-Demand Apps and Zappix E-Comm Self-Service.

Connected Automation

Purposeful automation coordinates between backend systems and your customers.

The Zappix E-Comm Self-Service solution leverages Zappix Robotic Process Automation (RPA) bots built specifically for customer service applications.

Intelligent automation integrations make Zappix interactions lightning fast and relieve pressure on your live customer service representatives. Capturing the vast majority of tiresome, repetitive customer service calls, live agents are free to focus on more high-value interactions where their expertise can be best put to use.


Perfect For:

WIZMO Requests

Customers log in with brand account or submit order information and Customer Service RPA bots automatically retrieve order status details from your databases.

Loyalty Programs

Loyal customers log in to their account through secure Zappix channels for instant access to view their rewards points total, browse offers, and learn how to unlock more rewards.

Returns Processing

Customers use an integrated Zappix smart form to start the returns process, and RPA bots automatically update your records and create a shipping label for customers.

Product Registration

The fastest, most reliable, and most convenient product registration system on the market. Customers simply scan a QR code and connect to a smart form with their product information already filled out.

3 minute AHT reduction

80% Call Containment

NPS over 55

Capabilities that grow with you

Fast Implementation and Editing

The best-in-class Zappix Studio no-code platform provides drag-and-drop functionality for that makes building the perfect On-Demand App or Visual IVR easy and intuitive. No IT team or coding experience necessary.

Cloud-based Zappix Studio technology means authorized users can update and launch custom menus and customer experiences from anywhere. Those changes launch instantly to every user thanks to purpose-built Zappix On-Demand capabilities.

Revenue Growth

Zappix Visual IVR and On-Demand Apps solutions transform customer communication. Use customizable parameters and personalized messaging to accurately target promising prospects or customers with effective visual marketing.

Promotional banners, suggested products, and other digital marketing material combine with the fast, enjoyable Zappix user journey to create critical opportunities to improve revenue by attracting new prospects and upselling current customers. Grow your bottom line with Zappix solutions.

Targeted Banners

Add promotional banners to your Visual IVR and On-Demand Apps to increase revenue while the Zappix E-Comm Self-Service solution streamlines customer care and increases customer satisfaction.

Specify various triggers so your banners target the perfect customer or prospect to add value to their interaction and increase sales. Change out promotional campaigns on the fly with the best in class drag-and-drop Zappix Studio and publish your newly designed banners instantly thanks to cloud-based Zappix systems.

Seamless Integrations

E-Comm Self-Service leverages Zappix API connectivity to easily connect to any partner or third-party system you use.

Contextual Transfers

Every piece of information submitted to E-Comm Self-Service swiftly transfers to agents if customers opt to speak with an agent.

Brand Customization

Make sure your Zappix solution conveys the same brand and messaging as the material you already distribute to customers.

Complementary Solution

E-Comm Self-Service quickly and seamlessly integrates with any traditional voice IVR system you already use.

User Behavior Analytics

Understand user trends and see exactly how self-service enhances your CX thanks to automated user behavior tracking.


Deploy E-Com Self-Service in any language. The solution is compatible with every market you do business in.