On-Demand Apps


Innovative, visual web-apps deliver digital self-service to customers over any digital channel to swiftly solve customer needs and avoid a call to customer service — rich app-like experiences with no download needed.

Cloud-based, intuitive web-apps provide end-to-end automation for common service needs like order tracking, appointment confirmation, FAQs, and more.

The benefits of native apps with none of the drawbacks.

Customers instantly access On-Demand Apps whenever they need them, through any digital channel they choose. Zappix On-Demand Apps provide all the advantages of native apps without the cost to build and the effort to maintain them.

The On-Demand App Advantage


Fraction of the cost & time to build vs. native apps


Eliminates the need for native apps


Speed: make changes in the blink of an eye

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(digital delivery)


Modify content quickly & at minimal to no cost


Backend integration with workflow automation


No download required


Intuitive web-apps


Cloud based


Rich, native-app capabilities

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Business Benefits


Digitally connect with users through whatever channel they prefer: website links, widgets, QR codes, embedded URLs, email, business cards, and more…

Call Containment

Deflect more calls away from contact centers and customer service representatives with increased call containment rates.

Cost Savings

Automated Visual IVR interactions get more successful resolutions while reducing your contact center budget.

Average Handle Time

Your customers help solve customer service issues and decrease average handle time (AHT) with smart self-service.


Faster problem solving

Straightforward, easy to use customer self-service capabilities fine-tuned to the most common customer service issues your consumers face. Put the power to solve your main customer service needs in consumers’ hands and free up your live agents to focus on complex, high value-added interactions where their skills can be put to the best use.


Meet them where they are

Customers today connect with corporations through a litany of digital channels. Ultra-versatile, omnichannel On-Demand Apps bring the power of comprehensive self-service capabilities to every one of them. Add a modern, enjoyable customer service experience to any channel your customers use and expand your service reach.

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Unleash real innovation

Cloud-based Mobile On-Demand Apps don’t require any downloads, take seconds to update, and serve as the comprehensive tool your customers have been waiting for. All the advantages of legacy native apps with none of the drawbacks like cost to build and maintenance.